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Children can come in contact with the justice system because they are in conflict with the law or because they are involved in criminal or civil cases as victims and witnesses.

UNICEF works with the Government of Myanmar to ensure that child-sensitive laws, policies and procedures are put in practice in the justice system. The aim is to benefit all children in contact with the justice system to ensure that the children are better served and protected. UNICEF has been supporting the Government to review the Child Law and other legislation concerning children and to draft a new Child Law in line with CRC, Myanmar’s international human rights and humanitarian obligations and present problems in implementation of legislation.

UNICEF promotes the strengthening of all parts of the child protection system, including the justice mechanisms, to ensure that the best interest of the child is upheld. Within the justice sector, UNICEF closely works with the Judiciary, Myanmar Police Force, and the Union Attorney General’s Office. UNICEF encourages and supports the establishment of child-sensitive practices in police and courts through trainings of judges and police officers and establishment of child-friendly infrastructure and procedures.

In 2014, UNICEF in cooperation with the training school of the Supreme Court, trained 189 judges on child rights and child friendly judicial proceedings. UNICEF continues to advocate for child centred reforms to be prioritized by the Supreme Court. UNICEF is also supporting the Myanmar Police Force to review its training programme on child-sensitive police procedures and ensure robust and sustainable training of police staff. Linking child friendly police interventions with the social work case management system will be important for child protection in Myanmar.

Through collaboration with the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Department of the Myanmar Police Force and the Department of Social Welfare, UNICEF is supporting the development of appropriate legislation and procedures taking into account the rights and needs of child victims of trafficking. Protection and reintegration services for trafficking survivors are also funded and capacity building on frontline staff working in areas of prevention, protection and law enforcement is regularly supported.




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