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Working together, to achieve better lives for children.

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UNICEF Myanmar/2013/Kyaw Kyaw Winn

For almost 70 years, UNICEF has been working to positively change the lives of children throughout Myanmar. Through its programme of cooperation in the country, UNICEF has a strong relationship with the Government, whilst at the same time engaging with a great variety of other partners in order to improve children’s lives. 

UNICEF jointly developed its current Country Programme of Cooperation (2018-2022) with the Government of Myanmar that is rooted in the four goals established by the Government, including national reconciliation; internal peace; transformation to a democratic federal union and; raising the quality of life for the majority of people.

We are also grateful to the array of donors who have supported us so generously and we remain committed to working together with all partners to improve children’s lives in Myanmar.

In 2018, GAVI, USA and the Republic of Korea were the top three donors to UNICEF Myanmar, in addition to millions of generous individuals donating through UNICEF National Committees.

During 2018, UNICEF utilised more than USD 38 million, out of which approximately USD 10 million was for the humanitarian response.

UNICEF Myanmar
Income received in 2018

UNICEF also works with a diverse group of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that offer a broad range of specialized knowledge and experience. Currently, we are closely working with 40 CSOs and it is this diversity that produces some of the most innovative and effective achievements for children. Our vital work in partnership with national health professionals, nutritionists, educators, water and sanitation experts and social workers across the country ensures that we can deliver results where they are needed the most. 

Our partnerships with our sister UN organizations, international and national non-government organizations, the private sector, the media, religious leaders and key influencers in Myanmar society, have shown that by working together we can create real and lasting change for children.