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Global Fund Round 9 Grant Application

Call for Letter of Intent

Principal Recipients for Global Fund Round 9 Grant Application



The Myanmar Country Coordination Mechanism (M-CCM) intends to apply for GFATM Round 9 in the areas of Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV. The proposal is still under development, it is expected that there will be at least 20 implementation partners included in the proposal. Implementing partners include the Ministry of Health, national and international non-governmental organisations and UN organizations.


As decided in its meeting of 30 January 2009, the M-CCM hereby invites suitably qualified organizations to submit Letters of Intent to carry out the functions of Principal Recipient (PR) for the anticipated Grants. There will be 2 PRs selected: one PR will handle fund flow for governmental and UN implementing partners, and one PR will handle fund flow to non-governmental implementation partners. Each PR will cover all three diseases.


The technical areas covered under the Grants include:



·         Prevention programmes for sex workers,

·         Prevention programmes for men who have sex with men

·         Prevention programmes for injecting drug users and drug users

·         Programme providing care, treatment and support for people living with HIV

·         Programmes for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV



·         Procurement and supply system management

·         Improving case diagnosis (including laboratory)

·         Expansion of Public-Private/Public-Public Mix DOTS

·         Empowering people with TB

·         TB-HIV prevention and control



·         Prevention of Malaria using Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) or Insecticide ­treated mosquito nets

·         Early detection and appropriate treatment of malaria 

The M-CCM will review and rate applicants based on the following criteria, with weighting of scores indicated below in the bracket for governmental and non governmental PRs. The first criteria below is a pre-requisite for both PRs:

1.      Legal-capacity in Myanmar to enter into grant agreements with the Global Fund.

2.      Financial management capacity and demonstrated track record in managing large-scale grants in a transparent and accountable manner, and according to international accounting standards. (17%, 18%)

3.      Proven ability in channelling and managing funds in a manner conducive to  supporting and monitoring a community-based response. (17%, 18%)

4.      Proven ability in mobilizing expertise relevant to the program framework. (5%, 5%)

5.      Proven ability and willingness to operate fund flow and disbursement arrangements in a complex situation on a nationwide scale. (17%, 12%)

6.      Proven ability to cooperate with government (e.g. Ministry of Health) and/or NGO entities in program  planning, design, implementation, and M&E. (11%, 12%)

7.      Ability and willingness to work with the M-CCM, and its Technical and Strategy Groups and designated bodies for work planning and budgeting. (11%, 12%)

8.      Proven successful local and international procurement capacity in Myanmar or similar contexts. (17%, 18%)

9.      Track record of acting successfully as PR for the Global Fund in other countries. (5%, 5%)



Interested applicants are requested to clearly indicate which PR they are applying for and provide a cover letter and a brief description of their capacity addressing the selection criteria of the M-CCM. Weighted scores will be considered at the review stage. Documentation and evidence are required as annexes to support the statements of capacity in the application. The expected overhead charge should be indicated in the Letter of Intent. This information will not be used for technical review, but will be considered only if applicants have similar scores for technical capacity. The description should not exceed 3 pages. All applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the “Global Fund Principal Recipient Assessment Report” (attached). Applications should be in English.


If the grants in question are approved, the GFATM will conduct an assessment of the organization/s that the M-CCM has chosen to serve as PR(s). If the organization does not pass that assessment, the GF will work with the M-CCM to select a different PR from the previous list of nominations, in accordance with the ranking.


General guidelines on the work that is expected from the PRs can be found in the policies and guidelines of the Global Fund website at http://www.theglobalfund.org/en/policies/


The timetable for the nomination of the Principal Recipient is as follows:


Deadline for the Expressions of Interest received by the Secretariat of M-CCM

                 …………………………………………………. ……………....16 February 2009


Notification of short listed organisations …..……………………………20 February 2009


CCM selection of the successful applicants ……………....... Next CCM Meeting (tentatively 26 February 2009)


Letters of Intent must be received in a sealed envelope by 16 February 2009 addressed to:

Dr. Saw Lwin

Director Disease Control, Secretary M-CCM

Ministry of Health

c/o Phyu Phyu

Administrative Assistant to the CCM Secretary

UNAIDS, 223, Sule Pagoda Road, Traders Hotel, 12th Floor, Yangon


The application should be copied by email to the following address: PhyuP@unaids.org; ihdmoh@mptmail.net.mm


For general enquiries, please call Ms. Phyu Phyu, Administrative Assistant to the CCM Secretary at UNAIDS Myanmar, + 95 1 252 361/2 ext. 3010, e-mail PhyuP@unaids.org


Download in MS Word Document :

1) PR Expressions of Interest R9.doc

2) Proposed PR Assessment Report Tepmlate1.doc



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