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Volunteers trained and mobilised to raise awareness on avian flu

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A shopper at Sanpya Oo-yin Market at Thaketa Township in Yangon checks out posters on washing hands and on safe handling and cooking of eggs and poultry.

UNICEF and Myanmar Red Cross Society complete joint workshop

YANGON, 1 March, 2007 – Nearly 40 volunteers from the Myanmar Red Cross Society representing almost all States and Divisions completed an intensive four-day workshop today.

The volunteers will now run workshops in their own localities to build communication skills on avian flu and to disseminate the four key avian flu health messages using 11 posters, two pamphlets and a series of video spots which are being distributed nationally.

These messages are to: REPORT on unusual illness or deaths in poultry or other birds, SEPARATE poultry from other birds and animals, WASH HANDS after handling poultry and before eating, and COOK chicken and eggs well.

The participants were joined on the final day by a further 20 Red Cross volunteers from the Mayangone and Hlaing Townships in Yangon Division.

The workshop was supported by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and by UNICEF through funding from the Government of Japan. The Government of Japan also funded the production of the posters, pamphlets and video spots.

Participants in the workshop also received comprehensive briefings from the experts from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO),  the World Health Organization (WHO) and from the Ministry of Health.


For further information contact: Susan Aitkin, Communication Officer, UNICEF in Myanmar.
Phone:(951) 212 086 ext 1301, Fax: (951) 212 063, E-mail:





Volunteers trained and mobilised to raise awareness on avian flu

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