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Myanmar open to aid after tsunami

AP TV report on tsunami, January 2005

AYEYARWADDY DELTA, Myanmar - The waves that killed more than 160-thousand people in nations around the Indian Ocean are opening a window into the closed country of Myanmar (mee-an-MAWR').

The country didn't suffer the staggering loss of life experienced by some of the tsunami's other targets, but the waves did destroy many people's lives.

UNICEF is giving a rare look into the isolated society ruled by a repressive military junta. The international aid group has delivered more than 650 emergency family kits to help children and their families recover from the tsunami.

The kits include blankets, clothing, utensils, mosquito nets and other essentials. UNICEF is also fixing clean water systems in remoter areas.

An estimated 90 people died from the tsunami in Myanmar.



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