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Germany funds HIV/AIDS project in Myanmar
Kyodo News, 06 May 2006

Germany Donates $870G for AIDS Prevention
AP, 06 May 2006

Germany to provide Euro 700,000 for HIV prevention in Myanmar
Reuters, 05 May 2006

UNICEF, Israel launch early childhood learning activities in Myanmar
Xinhua, 06 March 2006

Children out of sight, out of mind, out of reach
UNICEF media, Bangkok, 14 December 2005

AIDS assistance to Burma stepped up
The Age, 07 December 2005

UNICEF calls for more funding for Myanmar children, women
Japan Today, 09 September 2005

Former student activists urge military to allow humanitarian aid
AP, 08 September 2005

UNICEF calls for more funding for Myanmar children, women
Kyodo, 08 September 2005

UNICEF calls for greater international support for improving Myanmar children's nutrition
Xinhua, 08 September 2005

Unicef Calls for Support for Burmese Children, Women
The Irrawaddy, 08 September 2005

UNICEF expands Myanmar HIV/AIDS program
AFP, 18 May 2005

UNICEF launches HIV prevention program in Burma
VOA, 18 May 2005

Myanmar launches U.N.-sponsored program to prevent mother-to-child HIV-AIDS transmission
AP, 17 May 2005

Myanmar to conduct first maternal mortality survey
Xinhua General News Service, 2 May 2005

Myanmar to study women's, children's health
AFP, 1 May 2005

Report: Myanmar to conduct first-ever maternal, infant mortality survey
AP, 1 May 2005

6 Mekong countries act to stop human trafficking
VOA, 31 March 2005

Germany gives UNICEF $1 million for children in Burma
VOA, 4 February 2005



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