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© UNICEF Myanmar/2005/Thame

Keeping children healthy, for life
KYAUK KA LAT, Myanmar, December 2005 - One of the first things you notice when entering the village of Kyauk Ka Lat is the cheerful sound of children’s voices in the salty ocean air.  While Kyauk Ka Lat and other tsunami-affected villages have received a range of assistance from UNICEF, the most valuable gift of all has been the healthy children that continue to run through the green fields and dusty lanes of these tsunami-affected communities. [more]

© UNICEF Myanmar/2005/Thame

A tiny investment with an immense impact
NORTH OKKALAPA, Myanmar, 27 October 2005 – In North Okkalapa Township outside Myanmar’s capitol city of Yangon, health workers visit the home of mother Aye Aye Thwe to make sure her child receives a free dose of vitamin A being provided by UNICEF.  Local health staff have helped her learn about the benefits for her child. [more]

Myanmar’s auxiliary midwives: Helping children get the best in life
YANGON, 14 April 2005 – The rural village of Kan Tha Phu, located on an island off Myanmar’s western Ayeyarwaddy coast, is many days travel and seemingly scores of years removed from the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Yangon. [more]

Helping families get back on their feet in Myanmar
YANGON, 14 January 2005 - After an earthquake shook the ground under Hla Than’s feet the morning of December 26th, she returned to her daily work, unaware of the danger that was approaching. [more]



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