Quality Basic Education Programme

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It is estimated that over one million children in Myanmar are still out of school, less than 70% of primary school age children complete a full course of primary education at the correct age, and out of every 100 children entering primary school, only about 20 go on to finish lower secondary school. Issues of low quality of education are also serious.

The goal of the Quality Basic Education Programme (QBEP) is to support the Government of Myanmar to improve access to, and quality of, school readiness and primary level education for all children. We do this by: 

  • helping to ensure that national education policies and plans are inclusive and informed;
  • delivering quality education services to children in 34 core disadvantaged townships throughout the country.

The 34 core townships QBEP works in were selected according to equity-based criteria, the main priority being to reach the most disadvantaged children and communities. QBEP will run until the end of 2015. In the final phase of the programme, capacity building and delivery of school readiness and primary level education services to children living in these townships will be continued and carefully transitioned.

QBEP is also focusing on upstream advocacy and support to the government to help ensure the National Education Sector Plan will improve access to, and quality of, education for all children. In addition, strengthening the evidence base for advocating and delivering quality education by capturing and communicating experience and lessons learned is key. 

QBEP is supported by the Multi Donor Education Fund (MDEF), comprising Australia, Denmark, the European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom, and by UNICEF in partnership with the Government of Myanmar.

Watch the One Minutes Jr, a video initiative that teaches young people how to capture their stories in a 60 second video. These are their stories:

Quality Basic Education Programme Pamphlet

This pamphlet outlines the QBEP programme, its geographic coverage and the results achieved to date (updated April 2015)

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No to Child Labour - Yes to Quality Education (Poster)

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No to Child Labour - Yes to Quality Education (Pamphlet)

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No to Child Labour - Yes to Quality Education (Note Book)

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