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CRC@20 Celebrations in Myanmar

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CRC@20 Celebrations in Myanmar

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Myanmar is celebrating 20 years of Twentieth Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) through a number of events and activities. CRC is the most universally ratified human rights treaty in human history. The CRC was enacted in 1989 and ratified by 191 countries. Myanmar ratified CRC in 1991.

The official celebration and the national launch of UNICEF’s global flagship publication the State of the the World’s Children Report – Special Edition on 20 years of CRC was held in the country’s capital Nay Pyi Taw on 20 November 2009. On 27 November, is the celebration in Yangon. These commemorative events are jointly hosted by the Department of Social Welfare and UNICEF.

The themes the 20 years of CRC commemoration in Myanmar are: 
• Child hood in Myanmar
• Children and Education
• Healthy Children
• Children at Risk &
• Children in Emergency/Recovery


© UNicef Myanmar/ MThame

Photo Exhibition
UNICEF in partnership with Myanmar Photo Society (MPS) organized a photo contest that received large number of entries from photographers from all parts of the country on the CRC@20 themes. Eight photos were selected by a panel of judges as the winners. There are 125 photos on display in the exhibition.

Talking Wall
Young children expressed their thoughts and wishes on the talking wall.

Stories by Children
Twelve children from different UNICEF programmes (formal and non-formal schools, DSW shelter homes and children going to regular schools) were brought together in a writing workshop in October as part of the CRC event.

The children were asked to pick a topic on which they would like to express on from their own life, experience or frame of reference.  With the help of an experienced facilitator – the children spent 4 days in the workshop and one day in their own places to conceptualize and write the pieces - which was later compiled into a book to be shared at the Yangon event.

In some cases, the children first told their stories to each other and then they were articulated in writing in Myanmar language. They were then translated in English.
We gathered some very good stories – which comes out as this publication.




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