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Milestones for Myanmar's children

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Milestones for Myanmar's children

April 1950
UNICEF begins its work in Myanmar

Beginning of a new five-year Country Program of Cooperation for children

July 1991
Accession to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

July 1991
Signing of the Declaration and Plan of Action of the World Summit for Children

July 1993
The Child Law comes into effect

August 1993
Introduction of annual Breastfeeding Week

September 1993
National Program of Action for the Survival, Protection and Development of Myanmar’s Children in the 1990s

October 1993
Establishment of the National Committee on the Rights of the Child

February/March 1996
National Immunization Days initiated. First-ever nationwide polio immunization campaigns

June 1998
Introduction of School-based Healthy Living and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education (SHAPE)

July 1998
National Sanitation Week initiated. First-ever nationwide sanitation campaigns

December 2001
Iodine Deficiency Elimination Week

20 November 2002
CRC Day celebrated for first time in Myanmar

March 2003
Education for All (EFA) National Action Plan

1-7 September 2003
Introduction of annual Nutrition Promotion Week

October 2004
Regional Trafficking Conference held in Yangon, Myanmar

November 2004
First-ever media training on children's rights in Myanmar

May 2005
Launch of hospital-based program to prevent the mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS



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