Climate Action for Children in Mozambique

Strategic Framework 2022-2026

Climate Action for Children in Mozambique
UNICEF/MOZA2013-00013/Alexandre Marques


Recognizing that climate change and environmental degradation are existential threats to a child’s ability to survive, grow, and thrive, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is increasingly integrating climate change, disaster risk reduction (DRR), and environmental sustainability across the organization. These issues affect all areas of UNICEF’s work—from programming and internal governance to risk management and policy advocacy. The Mozambique Country Office (MCO) is committed to advocating for and acting on climate and water issues in line with UNICEF’s climate strategy.

The purpose of this document is to orient UNICEF staff, partners, and other stakeholders on the existing environment and climate change-related initiatives to support efforts addressing the climate emergency. The document is divided into two main sections: The first section provides a synopsis of climate change in Mozambique and existing platforms that address climate change; and the second highlights UNICEF’s climate action at the global, regional, and Mozambique Country Office levels.

Climate Action for Children Strategic Framework UNICEF Mozambique
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