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UNICEF Montenegro National Goodwill Ambassador


UNICEF Montenegro National Goodwill Ambassador

First UNICEF National Ambasador for Montenegro, Rambo Amadeus, at his inauguration in Podgorica

Rambo Amadeus inaugurated

On 11 October, 2006 Antonije Pusic, also known as Rambo Amadeus, was inaugurated as the first UNICEF National Ambassador for Montenegro. In order to help UNICEF’s initiative to create violence-free environment in schools Rambo Amadeus has joined the programme and will use his creativity and celebrity status to help in the realisation of this campaign.


I took this funny purse from my wife and I carry it around because I like to attract attention. However, if my son would carry this purse to school, he would get into a big trouble and would be teased from his peers. In the best case scenario, he’d fall into some kind of an emotional isolation.

Rambo Amadeus, UNICEF National Ambassador for Montenegro



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