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OneMinutesJr workshop in Cetinje - Day 3

by Chris Schuepp

Cetinje, MONTENEGRO, 17 June 2013 - On the third day of the OneMinutesJr workshop, we have organized a little field trip and go to Kotor to shoot ten films there in different locations.

The trip from the ancient capital of Montenegro to the Bay of Kotor takes about 1 1/2 hours with a bus and the teenagers are enjoying themselves. Most of them come from the Kotor region and so they know where we are going.

Actually, we are going there partly because they know their way around in Kotor and have friends and families there who can help with the logistics of the filming. Some of the workshop participants go to school here and so we are headed straight for the Nautical School and Gymnasium a few minutes outside the center of Kotor.

Here we film several movies that play in a school environment. Aleksa (15) and Zeljko (13) both have similar ideas. Children are getting bullied or are left out in school because they don't live with their parents. Both boys want to make sure with their films that these children need extra support rather than extra pressure from their peers.

Nikola (15) filming on a playground in Kotor - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2013

In the meantime, in a teacher's house nearby, we also start shooting Marija's film. It's a birthday party, happy children, proud parents. Only in the end we realize that the birthday girl is not very happy. She's alone and some special effects in the editing will let the cake, the presents, the funny hat all disappear.

Near the waterfront in Kotor we film Sara's movie. The 14-year old lives with her mother and her father - well, in theory. Her father is a sailor and is gone for months or sometimes even longer than a year. So she sends a visual message to him and all fathers or mothers who leave their children alone for far too long.

Then we are off to a playground where another two films are shot. In Zoja's film, all children except for one are being called home from the playground by their mothers. And Danica (15) describes with her OneMinutesJr video how a girl without parents feels happy, jealous and sad at the same time when she sees a happy family playing together.

Director/cameraman Nikola (16) and his actress Ena (14) filming in the streets of Cetinje in the dark - UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2013

In the late afternoon, just before going back to Cetinje, two more films are on the agenda. Nikola (15) from Grbalj tells the story of a girl who lost both parents in a tragic car accident. However, the story literally has a "happy end" when a foster family gives the little girl a new home and warm family.

Chedomir (14) from Tivat is the last in line before the return to the workshop base. In his short film, a mother kicks her son out of the house and tells him never to come back home again. The boy runs away and complains, saying that "every child has the right to a family, but a loving family and not a family like that".

Back in Cetinje it is getting dark - exactly what we have been waiting for. Another movie is waiting for us and we hit the streets of Cetinje with Nikola (16) and his actress Ena (14) go knocking on doors to see who helps a child in need...





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