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Youth jury takes part in annual OneMinutesJr Award

© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2010
Dijana (3rd from left) with the workshop group in Podgorica, Montenegro, in 2010.

By Chris Schuepp

GENEVA, 16 January 2012 – Only a year ago, Dijana Lukovac took part in a One Minutes Jr film workshop in her hometown Podgorica in Montenegro learning how to make short films. Now, the 19 year old uses her experience to evaluate powerful 60 seconds videos highlighting child rights made by her peers around the world.

"I really liked all the 18 short films, because the selection contained films with a lot of different topics by different film makers from lots of different countries. The voting was very interesting, but it was also very difficult to choose the best films and to make the right choices,” says Dijana, who suffers from partial cerebral palsy and attends the Institute for Education and Vocational Rehabilitation of Children and Youth with disabilities in Podgorica.

Dijana is no stranger to promoting child rights through the use of media. Her experience advocating for the rights of children with disabilities in Montenegro`s campaign “It`s about Ability” to promote education and social reform has triggered social change in her country. Many more people are more accepting of children with disabilities to live alongside children without disabilities. This has also nurtured her ambition of being a journalist.

The OneMinutesJr is a video initiative that highlights and celebrates the diversity among youth around the world. Children produce videos lasting one minute about their hopes, dreams and opinions that are positive and insightful examples of the way visual arts works as a communication tool across cultural, geographic and national borders.

UNICEF Regional Office Communication Chief for Central and Easter Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, John Budd, said: "All too often children with disabilities are overlooked. Their abilities are underestimated. The barriers the face are more often to do with their environment they live in, rather their impairment. Dijana is a valued One Minutes Jr Juror. We hope that this is just one of the many active roles that she _ and other children with and without disabilities have_ in a more socially inclusive society.


© UNICEF / Chris Schuepp / 2010
Answering questions of journalists: Dijana at the OneMinutesJr workshop in Podgorica in 2010.

The 15 nominees for the 2011 awards are from Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Germany, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Haiti (2), the USA, Mexico, Guadeloupe, Madagascar, Mozambique, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. The winners will be announced on 1 February.

The films are nominated in three categories:

  • Inside - out, which focuses on stories about social inclusion or exclusion.
  • Self-portrait, which aims at getting out the most personal stories about young people today.
  • Best of the world / One minute of freedom, which is the free-style category.

Dijana, a juror for the Inside - out category, worked alongside an adult hailing from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

She said it was "a great pleasure" to work with Darija Buzakovic (34) who is is the Festival Director of the International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus in Banjaluka, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Darija has been working in TV and Film Production since 1998 and currently works for the Radio-television of Republic of Srpska (RTRS) in the international programming department.

The two have narrowed the selection to five top nominees from a total of 18 shortlisted videos in their category.






OneMinutesJr Awards 2011

Youth Filmmakers win 2011 OneMinutesJr. Awards

NEW YORK, USA, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1 February 2012 – UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation announced today the winners of the 2011 OneMinutesJr. Awards.

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