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OneMinutesJr workshop - Bar, Montenegro - Day 2

© UNICEF Montenegro / Chris Schuepp / 2011
"Different" is the tile of Kristina's film, one of the first movies the children have shot at the 2011 OneMinutesJr workshop in Bar.

BAR, Montenegro, 25 October 2011 - After a successful first day with a lot of brainstorming and many good ideas in the making, we now have to get into more detail and encourage the participants to draw storyboards. This will help them develop the visuals for the shooting later today and in the next couple of days and will transform the mere ideas into images.

Ilir (15) is going to be one of the first participants to start the actual filming today. His story is long, includes bullying and the stealing of his mobile phone and finishes with his expulsion from school. However, for the OneMinutesJr, you need to be short and to the point. Ilir's point is that despite all the bullying, he always tries to stay calm and let the bullies not provoke him into something he might later regret. So we simply show Ilir being pushed around until the bullies lose interest in him - which, in our case, is after about 55 seconds.

© UNICEF Montenegro / Chris Schuepp / 2011
The days are long at a OneMinutesJr workshop - the filming continues even after the sunset.

Some of the girls at the workshop are very concerned with the "identity issue". Fashion, make-up, looks - it all seems so important on the outside, but when you talk to them for longer than just a few minutes, you realize that they are all looking for their own identity and that the quest for this really stresses them out and makes them insecure. No wonder that several of them will use this as the main topic of their films.

The five deaf children in our workshop add a very important theme to the seminar: communication. They communicate with us through sign language interpreters and of course also through smiles and nods and shaking heads. But, they make it clear from the very beginning that there is a certain insecurity that surrounds all of them because of their deafness. They think others constantly speak about them, they are afraid to miss out on things and they are worried about being rejected.

Nikola (18) is a handsome young man, but he also faces the difficulty of not being able to hear. So when he goes out and falls in love with a girl, what does he do to get to know her? It is not so simple to say "Hello, my name is Nikola" when you cannot hear the answer. Well, we will show you how Nikola does it, at the end of the week when his film is ready.



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