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OneMinutesJr workshop - Bar, Montenegro - Day 1

BAR, Montenegro, 24 October 2011 - 20 teenagers from Montenegro have gathered in the coastal city of Bar to produce OneMinutesJr videos about children's rights.

After two very successful workshops in Budva (2009) and Podgorica (2010), the OneMinutesJr team is back in Montenegro for the third time in three years. This time, the two trainers from Germany and Portugal are working with 20 children from across the country in Bar. Supported by UNICEF Montenegro and the local NGO Forum MNE, the workshop will focus on the production of short films about child rights, seen from the perspective of the teenagers.

The group that has gathered in the Hotel Princess, also the venue of the XVI International TV Festival Bar that runs here from October 26-30, includes Roma children, deaf children and children from a shelter.

After a short round of introductions, we show the young participants aged 14-18 some examples of OneMinutesJr videos produced by other teenagers from the CEECIS region. This will give them an idea about the different techniques that can be used in the filming and editing and will also give them a better idea about the "length" of a one-minute video and how much or how little you need to film to create a certain atmosphere.

In the afternoon, we start with individual sessions with the young people about their story ideas. There are so many different ideas up in the air and the real challenge now is to pin down what is doable and what is the most important idea for them to turn into a short movie.

We have five days starting today to produce 20 short films and it will be quite a challenge to get all the work done until Friday when the films will all premiere at the International TV Festival. So, until the evening we sit down with the teenagers and talk about their ideas, developing scripts and getting ready to shoot the first films tomorrow.



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