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Pregnancy and early childhood communication materials presented in several Montenegrin cities

© UNICEF Montenegro
14 leaflets at the presentation in Podgorica

PODGORICA, BERANE, TIVAT, October 18 - 22, 2010 - Pregnancy is a very special time and for parents expecting a new addition into their families many questions can come to their minds and it is not always easy to find the right answer or correct advice.  Trying to address this one and many other issues related to parenthood and early childhood, the Ministry of Health in partnership with UNICEF developed communication materials that were presented during October 2010 in several cities around the country.
The 14 leaflets address questions ranging from what to expect from labour to how a caesarean section is performed; from healthy lifestyles to the role of fathers; from nutrition during pregnancy to breastfeeding which, despite being of a tremendous importance in a baby’s development, is not sufficiently practiced in Montenegro.

Pregnancy and Early Childhood Development leaflets - download page

Only every fourth mother breastfeeds her baby within the first hour after delivery  and only 19% continue to breastfeed for the next six months. The material will be distributed to counselling and health centres, so that all expecting parents can have easy access to the information.

© UNICEF Montenegro
Movies being shown at presentation in Podgorica

The package also included 4 documentaries that addressed:
 Healthy lifestyles
 Schools for pregnant women 

Acknowledging the importance of investing in early years as an opportunity of a lifetime, UNICEF has been supporting several programmes in the country on early childhood development.



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