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OneMinutesJr workshop in Podgorica

© UNICEF Montenegro
OneMinutesJr workshop participants

PODGORICA, 17 – 21 September, 2010 - Within the campaign for inclusion of children with disabilities “It’s about ability”, 19 teenagers participated in a five-day video-workshop in Podgorica organized by UNICEF.

Over the course of five days teenagers presented their ideas about inclusion of children with disabilities and transformed them into 60-second films.

 ‘’This workshop made an extremely good impression on me because both children with and without disabilities are participating and everyone can express his/her creativity,’’ said Tijana Tepavcevic, one of the young filmmakers.

Three out of five children with disabilities who participated in the workshop made movies about their desire to have children without disabilities be their friends.

Andrea Begovic wants to finally have her friends take her out to the cafes in the centre of Podgorica and make her day. This would be a "special day" for her and she wishes every day to be like that.

 “What we have done here will help children with disabilities because in these movies the society fully accepts them like normal people,” Andrea said. 

© UNICEF Montenegro
Chris Schuepp helping with production of video

UNICEF consultant, Chris Schuepp, helps children around the world express their ideas, dreams and opinions by supporting them to produce their own 1 min movies.

‘’The interesting thing is they write the stories to produce the films and these are completely children’s ideas,’’ Chris noted.

Chris enjoyed working with this group of Montenegro’s teenagers because the children fully accepted each other and became a good team during the five day workshop.

“Everybody is writing his own film but still when it comes to the filming and acting they all work together. It’s a really good, positive reaction,’’ Chris said.

According to UNICEF’s survey conducted among 1,000 Montenegro’s citizens in August 2010, just one out of five citizens wouldn't mind a child with disabilities to be the best friend of their child. On September 10, the Government of Montenegro, UNICEF, European Commission, Associations of parents of children with disabilities and many other partners launched a three-month campaign “It’s About Ability” in order to challenge social norms towards children with disability so that Montenegrin citizens welcome children with disabilities into their homes, communities and hearts without fear or prejudice.

The One-minute movies produced by children will be shown to key decision-makers in the government, national and municipal parliaments, as well as to the general public, in order to promote inclusion of children with disabilities into the society.



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