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Montenegrin judges and police officers learn about juvenile justice and international law

© UNICEF Montenegro / 2010
Judges listening to the trainer

MILOCER, March 1-5, 2010 - More than 50 judges and police officers attended specialized training on “Child Rights – International law and juvenile justice” organized in the first week of March in Milocer.

On the first day of training judges were addressed by Montenegrin President of Supreme Court Vesna Medenica.

Medenica said that there is a need to raise awareness of the whole community so that eveyone does his/hers best in order for the juveniles in conflict with the law to be treated properly.

The trainings will contribute to strengthening capacities of Montenegrin judges to deal with children in conflict with the law by providing them with knowledge on international standards of work and treatment of juveniles in conflict with law and application of alternatives to criminal prosecution and institutionalization

UNICEF Child Protection officer Clarice da Silva e Paula emphasized that specialized training of judges is especially important in the view of the adoption of Montenegro’s first juvenile justice law which is expected to take place in the first quarter of 2010.

© UNICEF Montenegro / 2010
Police officers during the training

More than 30 police officers from all around Montenegro learned about international standards, as well as new legislative solutions in the area of juvenile justice in Montenegro.

Within the framework of Juvenile Justice System Reform Project, UNICEF Montenegro and Government of Montenegro have been implementing the Juvenile Justice System Reform Project with the financial support from the European Commission worth 500.000 euros.

Story by Momir Krivacevic



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