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Alternatives to institutionalisation of children

© UNICEF Montenegro
Milijana Knezevic with her daughter Zeljka

Alternative services for children did not exist in Montenegro until 2004, when UNICEF supported the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the municipality of Bijelo Polje to set up the first Day Care Centre for children with disabilities.

The Day Care Centre “Tisa” in Bijelo Polje shows what can be done to educate and offer support to families who have children with disabilities. The children benefit from a therapeutic environment during the day with professional support and at night and weekends return to their families for love and affection. The families that once considered institutional care because of work are still able to work on a daily basis and benefit from a relationship with their child.

Here is the story of 14-year-old Zeljka Knezevic who has cerebral palsy and benefits from Day Care Centre ''Tisa''

Story by Momir Krivacevic





Video on Day Care Centre 'Tisa'

Watch VIDEO STORY on Day Care Centre ''Tisa''


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