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Montenegrin prosecutors learn about international standards in juvenile justice

KOLASIN, February 19, 2010 - UNICEF Montenegro, Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Training Centre organized a three day specialized training for prosecutors from the northern region of Montenegro on “Child Rights – International law and juvenile justice” in Kolasin starting from February 16, 2010.

Watch VIDEO from juvenile justice training in Kolasin 

International standards and new legislative solutions in the area of juvenile justice were introduced to 26 prosecutors.

Armin Selmanović, Deputy Basic State Prosecutor from Rozaje, found this training very useful.
‘’This kind of training is very good and it will prepare us, prosecutors, to implement successfully procedures introduced with the  juvenile justice reform.’’

Julija Jaganjac from the office of the Supreme State Prosecutor in Podgorica said that it was very important to learn about the juvenile justice practices and experiences in EU and other countries signatories of UN CRC.

Julija Jaganjac, Office of Supreme State Prosecutor

‘’Reform of juvenile justice is very important for improving the position of children in conflict with the law. Imprisonment should be used as the last resort. Instead, wide spectre of alternative measures should be implemented whenever possible. Especially less severe criminal cases should be resolved without criminal prosecution,’’ said Jaganjac.

Nela Krnic, UNICEF Child Protection officer explained that in most cases a child did not choose to be in conflict with the law. Very often, reasons are to be found in complex family and social circumstances.

Krnic speaking at the seminar

‘’We are appealing to all professionals who are in direct contact with children in conflict with the law to try to implement a more “human” approach to these children. Specifically, in the case of prosecutors, they should for example use attendance orders and give the child a second chance in order to support his/hers rehabilitation and re-socialization.’’

Trainings will contribute to the strengthening of capacities of Montenegrin prosecutors to deal with children in conflict with the law. According to Ranka Carapic, Supreme State Prosecutor, through these trainings Montenegrin prosecutors will become acquainted with international standards of work and treatment of juveniles in conflict with law, as well as with the advantages of application of alternatives to criminal prosecution and institutionalization.

Carapic adressing participants

‘’We believe that the implementation of the UN Convention on rights of the child and international standards in the process of juvenile justice reform will create conditions to reduce the society failures in this area,’’ Carapic concluded.

Lecturers at the seminar were highly ranked professionals from this field: PhD Nevenka Vuckovic Sahovic, Prof. PhD Milan Skulic and PhD Ivana Stevanovic.

Before this one, same sort of training was organized for prosecutors from the southern and central region of Montenegro in Bečići  from the 2nd to the 5th  February 2010.

UNICEF Montenegro and the Government of Montenegro have been implementing the Juvenile Justice System Reform Project with the financial support from the European Commission worth 500.000 euros since October 2008.

Story by Momir Krivacevic



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