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Parents have the right to support in child-rearing

BIJELO POLJE, 1 August 2018 - Today, perhaps more than ever, a modern family is confronted with a number of challenges and often very high expectations, so the need for additional, professional support in child-rearing does not come as a surprise.

Admir Međedović, a single father of four, in Bijelo Polje, in August 2018, talking about how his children motivated him to attend the Parenting school – UNICEF Montenegro/Dusko Miljanic/2018

Admir Međedović, a single father of four children, is one of the people who have sought such support in the Health Centre in Bijelo Polje, within the “Parenting for Lifelong Health” programme implemented with the support of UNICEF and the European Union.

“My children motivated me to take part in this programme. I wanted to find out how to communicate with my children in the best way possible, how to educate them better and I am very satisfied with the programme. The exercises we have engaged in have brought us, parents, back to our childhood, so that we can sense and predict what children can do, what they think, how they feel; and then it is much easier to work with them”, Admir says.

Following the completion of the workshops, Admir thinks that if we want to educate our children in the right way, we must first educate ourselves. “I would say that I have changed, and then the children have just adapted to that. I think the goal of the programme is to change the parents, ourselves”, Admir adds.

Within a total of 12 workshops, parents and facilitators have partnered together to seek answers to questions about parenting and child development. With the support of experts, parents have utilized the workshops to exchange information, knowledge, skills and experiences, learning together and providing mutual support that is significant both for empowering parents and for helping children develop. Facilitator Tina Novović is very satisfied with the progress made by the parents like Admir during the sessions.

Facilitator Tina Novović, in Bijelo Polje, in August 2018, talking about how parents and facilitators have partnered together to seek answers to questions about parenting and child development – UNICEF Montenegro/Dusko Miljanic/2018

“If we analyse the period from the first session till today, there is a huge difference in their relationships with children and a great difference in their behaviour, both at the sessions and in the implementation of their activities at home, which they had as homework. A positive relationship between parents and children has developed”, Tina explains.

Admir says he is much calmer now and solves every problem with his children through teamwork and communication.

“I especially liked the game of mirrors, during which we came to realize that children mirror our behaviour – they act as we do. And they are just looking for our attention”, Admir says.

This dedicated father underlines that he has not missed a single workshop and that he is looking forward to applying the new insights that have helped him to better understand his children. UNICEF supported programme of positive parenting has enabled him to, as he puts it, grow together with his children.



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