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Stories & videos (2018)

The latest UNICEF stories and videos are here, the most recent one is on top

Young people call for an end to bullying
PODGORICA, 27 NOVEMBER 2018 – Everyone must make their contribution to resolving the problem of school bullying. The most important thing is to work on its prevention, but also on providing adequate support to the victims of bullying.

Digital pedagogy practices in education
PODGORICA, 23 November 2018 – Teachers from “Štampar Makarije” Primary School, who teach children aged 9–11, have undertaken a five-day training programme focusing on the basics of digital pedagogy.

Serious recommendations from young parliamentarians
PODGORICA, 19 November 2018 – Today was not a regular day at the Parliament of Montenegro. The seats of MPs were occupied by pupils from primary and secondary schools from all Montenegrin municipalities.

Valerija opens her home and heart for children without parental care
BAR, 14 November 2018 – Sixty-year-old Valerija Tomić from Bar is boldly opening the door to her home to children who need parental care. There are three girls growing up in Valerija’s home now.

Wake-up call for parents, the media and society as a whole
PODGORICA, 12 November 2018 – On average, children aged 12–17 spend about eight hours a day in front of a screen – using a mobile phone for three and a half hours a day and watching TV for about two hours a day.

Let's Choose What We Listen To, a new message of the Media Literacy campaign
PODGORICA, 8 November 2018 – The “Andre Navarra” Music School and “Vasa Pavic” Art School for Music and Ballet joined the Media Literacy campaign launched by the Agency for Electronic Media, supported by UNICEF, at the beginning of the year.

Interests of the child instead of sensationalism in the media
PODGORICA, 4 November 2018 – The media in Montenegro should be much more responsible than it is at the moment when covering topics that involve children and young people, especially in cases of abuse and violence against children.

Digital literacy for every child
PODGORICA, 31 October 2018 - The Ministry of Education, supported by UNICEF and Telenor, is piloting the introduction of digital teaching into primary education.

Young people collect data for for MICS survey in Montenegro
CETINJE, 2 October 2018 – Young people are not only our future, they are actively shaping our present too. Throughout the world and throughout history young people have shown that they are always the ones to lead social change.

Too young to marry
NIKŠIĆ, 1 October 2018 – Nadira is a cheerful and brave 18-year-old. However, her life story warns and instructs girls to get educated and not to marry too early.

Better parenting programs in Montenegro
BERANE, 7 September 2018 – How to be a better parent? How to set limits? How to deal with your child’s temper tantrums? How to better understand your child’s needs? How to boost your child’s confidence?

Rambo Amadeus: If we expose our children to high-quality content, they will get bored of low-quality content
PODGORICA, 30 August 2018 – Within the media literacy campaign “Let’s Choose What We Watch”, UNICEF Montenegro National Goodwill Ambassador, Antonije Pušić a.k.a. Rambo Amadeus, talked about children and media with the first team of UNICEF young reporters

Readiness to learn about parenting is the best gift you can give to children
BIJELO POLJE, 10 August 2018 - Parenting is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and most demanding experiences anyone can go through. Child-rearing, however, brings numerous challenges along with it and thus parents need support.

Parents have the right to support in child-rearing
BIJELO POLJE, 1 August 2018 - Today, perhaps more than ever, a modern family is confronted with a number of challenges and often very high expectations, so the need for additional, professional support in child-rearing does not come as a surprise.

Montenegro’s judges now more easily hear authentic children’s voices in court proceedings
PODGORICA, 20 July 2018 - When making decisions in the best interests of children, in family proceedings the court should take into account the opinion of the child.

Support person helps the voice of the child to be heard in Montenegro’s court proceedings
PODGORICA, 10 July 2018 - Dijana Popovic Gavranovic, a social worker and family therapist, has become one of the 17 licensed support persons in Montenegro, whose job is to help children going through the traumatic experience of parental divorce.

Montenegro’s lawyers trained to help achieve justice for every child
PODGORICA, 5 July 2018 - In a perfect world, every child should have at least one parent who cares about his or her best interests. Since this is not a perfect world, children sometimes need legal representatives.

Parenting schools for strengthening parenting skills also in Montenegro
PODGORICA, 25 June 2018 - Every parent faces challenges in bringing up a child. An unhealthy diet and several hours of preparation to get the child to go to bed are just some of the problems that often pose a serious test for parents’ patience.

Montenegro, the first country in the region to have 0 children under 3 in institutions
BIJELA, 15 June 2018 - In the “Mladost” Children’s Home in Bijela, there have been no children under the age of three for already 18 months.

Vučić Ćetković, a friend of the “Let’s choose what we watch” campaign, opens the exhibition of children’s works on the topic of media literacy
PODGORICA, 8 JUNE 2018 – Famous young artist Vučić Ćetković joined the campaign of the Agency for Electronic Media and UNICEF "Let's Choose What We Watch" and organized an art workshop for children.

Adolescents in Mojkovac, Berane and Kolasin develop their socio-emotional skills
MOJKOVAC, 7 JUNE 2018 – Thirteen-year-old Lazar likes to play football during the breaks between classes and after school. Besides some new moves, during this academic year he has also mastered the important skill of self-control.

Developing socio-emotional skills within the mainstream education system
BAR, 25 May 2018 – It is not enough for a good student just to learn the lessons assigned to them. In addition to knowledge, a successful student should have certain virtues and values.

Foster parents in Montenegro promote the right of every child to live in a nurturing family environment
NIKŠIĆ, 24 MAY 2018 – Dragica Rakočević (62) looks back on when her children and grandchildren were born as precious moments in her life. She talks with the same emotion of the day when the Centre for Social Work assigned her as a foster parent.

Quality inclusive preschool education – For every child
NIKŠIĆ, 24 May 2018 – Mina is a three-year-old girl who, like every other child, likes to play with her peers, to run and jump and to get applause for every hurdle she jumps over.

Youth participation for a better and more just society
PODGORICA, 22 May 2018 – Young people in Montenegro want to actively participate in society and to be asked about the issues that matter to them.

Regional digital platform supporting youth activism ‘U-Report for the Western Balkans’ launched
PODGORICA, 16 May 2018 – What are young people interested in, what would they change within their local communities, and how would they solve the problems they are facing?

Stakić: Necessity of specializing in work exclusively with juveniles in conflict with the law
PODGORICA, 23 April 2018 - A professor from Penn State University, Djuradj Stakic, as a UNICEF consultant, has been significantly contributing to social and child protection and juvenile justice system reforms in Montenegro since 2005.

With the support of UNICEF, children in Montenegro are learning in a better way from DAISY textbooks
NIKSIC, 20 APRIL 2018 – Radovan Krivokapic is an eighth-grade pupil at Mileva Lajovic Lalatovic Primary School in Niksic. Thanks to DAISY textbooks – modern audiovisual books – Radovan is now able to learn faster and easier.

Parenting programme to prevent violence against children
BIJELO POLJE, 12 April 2018 – How to apply non-violent disciplining and be a better parent? The response to this question was received by parents in Bijelo Polje who joined the parenting programme delivered by the city’s Primary Health Care Centre.

Filip, UPSHIFT workshop participant: “The best solution is a joint solution”
PODGORICA, 26 February 2018 – Filip Trojanovic is a participant of one of the UPSHIFT workshops that enable young people to contribute to the development of their community in the best way possible.

Ending the practice of early marriages through the strengthening of cross-sectoral cooperation
PODGORICA, 23 February 2018 – According to the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey on the rights of women and children in Montenegro, one in three of all Roma or Egyptian girls aged 15–19 entered marriage or a marital union.

DAISY textbooks – more self-contained learning for children with reading difficulties
NIKSIC, 20 February 2018 – Montenegrin language is one of the favourite subjects of Aferdita, a 9th-grader from Niksic. Due to a visual impairment, she can more easily comprehend the world of literature by listening to books, rather than reading them.

Montenegro Agency for Electronic Media and UNICEF initiate the media literacy campaign “Let’s choose what we watch”
PODGORICA, 19 February 2018 - Numerous studies worldwide indicate that violence in the media can contribute to increased aggressiveness in children, while educational content in the media can help children acquire knowledge and skills more quickly.



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