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Children to “take over” business, government and entertainment on World Children’s Day

On 20 November 2017, stars and global leaders rally with UNICEF to give a voice to the most disadvantaged

PODGORICA, 18 November 2017 – Ahead of November 20th, which is celebrated as World Children's Day, UNICEF invites children and young people, citizens, the media, representatives of the private and civil sectors to contribute to building a better, more just and equitable society fit to every child in Montenegro.

Montenegrin youth taking over UNICEF Montenegro Instagram account on the World Children’s Day - UNICEF Montenegro 2017/Dusko Miljanic

UNICEF Montenegro Representative Osama Khogali invited children and adolescents to talk about their problems and discuss possible solutions with the rest of the society.

"Through a public debate on child rights issues, which involves all sectors of society, we can identify the best solutions for every child in Montenegro.," Khogali said, reminding that November 20 marks the 28th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In the context of the global campaign launched by UNICEF on the occasion of the World Children's Day, children from around the world will take over key roles in the media, politics, business, sports and entertainment on November 20 to express their concerns about what global leaders should be focusing on, and to voice support for the millions of their peers who are facing a less hopeful future.

In Montenegro, on November 20, school parliamentarians from all municipalities will take over the National Parliament with support from the Centre for Child Rights, UNICEF and the UAE Embassy. Before that, with UNICEF and ING support, Montenegro’s adolescents participated in Hackaton for social changes identifying solutions with digital technologies to their problems. They also took over official UNICEF Montenegro Instagram account to talk about their rights and issues and possible solutions and spoke live on national televisions.

Sixteen-year-old Savo Šćepanović appealed to adults to pay more attention to the issue of discrimination: "Today, as members of this society, we are witnessing discrimination because of sexuality, colour of the skin, and even discrimination because of differing opinions. I think that workshops should be organized to teach children to accept each other as they are".

His peer Neira Šabanadžović said that young people in Montenegro should better be acquainted with their rights: "I would like young people in Montenegro to become more aware of their rights in order to avoid being marginalized because of ignorance".

Eighteen-year-old Katarina Šćepanović urged local governments to stimulate youth activism, while her peer Marko Milikić pledged for a better promotion of informal education.

Seventeen-year-old Aleksandra Drecun invited representatives of the Government and local communities to consider children’s opinions when deciding on their future: "They need to know that we are much more capable than adults think we are and we should take part in making decisions that concern us."

School parliamentarians from all over the country took over Montenegrin National Parliament on the World Children’s Day - Montenegro’s National Parliament/2017

Deputy Minister of Finance Bojana Bošković reminded that investments in children are the best possible ones that any country can undertake. "The level of cultural and economic prosperity of any society depends on the quality of childhood experienced by every child in that society," Boskovic said while opening the 2nd Hackathon for social change in Podgorica.

Globally, celebrities from all over the world joined the celebration of the World Children's Day, such as the football player and UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham, President of Chile Michelle Bachelet, singer, songwriter and actress P!Nk, and the Barcelona Football Club Foundation. They all have the same goal - to make the world a better place for every child.



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