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High school students learn peaceful conflict resolution

PODGORICA, 30 November, 2013 – More than 100 high school students learned to apply peaceful conflict resolution techniques in everyday life.

Kristina Dedić, student: „I consider that this training is very important for me as a person who will in future face conflicts and know better how to cope with them  since I have become acquainted with some new techniques that I did not know before or to which I paid no attention.”

Students during the training on peaceful conflict resolution - UNICEF Montenegro / 2013

Andrej Klikovac, student: „Through the group work in one workshop in which there were 30 students of this school I had an opportunity to find out about what kind of person I am, to which extent I have a conflict personality, how I solve conflicts, as well as to hear other opinions and create my own in relation to this issue.”

Trainings included various activities related to different ways of communicating, active listening, roles in conflicts and methods for solving them. Exercises and tests were conducted as well and personal examples and stories of the participants were discussed at the trainings too. The aim is to provide students with knowledge and skills that will help them to avoid coming into a conflict with the law.

Students during the training on peaceful conflict resolution - UNICEF Montenegro / 2013          

Dea Đebrić, student: „I would like to single out active listening as the most important thing I learned within these two days. I have noticed that active listening is of highest importance for solving conflicts, as well as for communicating with people generally. Simply because it is necessary to hear a person we are communicating with in order to see the situation not only from our own, but also from the point of view of that person and thus, solve the conflict in a way that is of use to both persons involved.”

High school students who were trained will share the knowledge and teach the techniques of peaceful conflict resolution to their peers in future.

Aleksa Ivanović, student: „We face conflicts every day. Now, there are different kinds of conflicts and what we have learned, especially to stay calm, will certainly help us in different situations.“

Student Aleksa Ivanovic talked about peaceful conflict resolution - UNICEF Montenegro / 2013

During 2013 and 2014, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, trainings for students to learn to solve conflicts in a peaceful way will be organized in high schools throughout Montenegro within the Justice for Children project implemented by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare with technical assistance from UNICEF and financial support from the EU.



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