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UNICEF launched a manual and a brochure for “School Without Violence” programme

PODGORICA, MAY 24, 2013 – UNICEF and the Ministry of Education launched two publications developed within the programme “School without Violence – the creation of a safe school environment.”

“We finally have something concrete to present to children and parents,” said Rambo Amadeus, UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador.  “It is a practical set of instructions for conduct, and for recognising peer violence.”

Launching of two publications at the Ministry of Education

Sanja Crvenica, student of the primary school “Pavle Rovinski” talked about the effectiveness of this programme which had already been implemented in several Montenegrin schools: “Now we know how to assess our own actions and pursue solutions for the mistakes in our behavior. Therefore, as a member of the peer education group, I appeal to all schools in Montenegro to implement these kinds of activities and to help ‘School Without Violence’ spread actively throughout the country.”

The aim of these publications is to prevent and eradicate peer violence and create a safer school environment.

“It raises awareness and the level of knowledge about peer violence, the values and rules are being established with the aim for the school to become a safe environment for children. Thus, we encourage schools to improve the school ethos and create optimum conditions for the attendance and development of all children,” said Vesna Vučurović, Deputy Minister of Education.

The two publications – a manual for teachers and a brochure for parents – tackle the issue from all angles. The aim is to establish a protective network at schools where students, teachers and parents work together to prevent and address violence.

Manual for teachers and brochure for parents

“The goal of the project is not punishment but restoration, so that children have the chance to react positively and to grow in their self-esteem. The programme also has very strong preventive component, aiming to prevent violence before it has begun,” explained Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Montenegro Representative.

The ‘School Without Violence’ programme is an important tool to support child rights, and it offers mechanisms to positively change the attitudes and behaviours of not only our children, but teachers, administrators, and the community at large.

Initiated in 2005, the ‘School Without Violence’ programme is being implemented by the Ministry of Education and the Bureau for Education Services with support from UNICEF.



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