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Launching of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) in Montenegro

PODGORICA, MARCH 5, 2013 – Director of Statistical office of Montenegro Gordana Radojevic, UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks and Head of Demography and Population Census Department in the Statistical office of Montenegro Snezana Remikovic successfully launched the conducting of the fifth round of Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS5), on Tuesday, March 5, 2013.

The Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey – MICS is an international household survey programme developed by UNICEF that produces internationally comparable and sound data on children, women and men. The Statistical Office of Montenegro (MONSTAT), as the main producer of statistics in the country, will be conducting this survey with the support of UNICEF. The survey will be conducted in the period from 4 March until 30 April 2013.

Director of Statistical office of Montenegro Gordana Radojevic talking about protection of individual data

“All individual responses of the citizens and all individual data acquired from the study will be protected just like in case of any other statistical study, will be used only for statistical purposes, and will be treated as official secret both for the Statistical Office and for the other participants in this study”, said Gordana Radojevic, Director of Statistical office of Montenegro – MONSTAT.

MICS5 survey will cover all municipalities in Montenegro having nationally representative samples of 5300 households in total, out of which 4600 households of general population, and 700 households of Roma population. Data obtained at the national level will be disaggregated by various geographical, social, ethnic, and demographic characteristics covering children (0-5 years), women and men (15-49 years). In this way, collected data will provide a more complete analysis of child-related data in Montenegro.

“The modules of this study are various, and they primarily refer to the health of women and children, the examination of women prior to and after delivery, the examination of children, of fertility in general, the examination of children younger than five years of age and many other modules included”, said Snezana Remikovic, Head of Demography and Population Census Department in the Statistical office of Montenegro.

Head of Demography and Population Census Department in the Statistical office of Montenegro Snezana Remikovic explaining study modules

The MICS will provide extensive, internationally standardised and comparable data that would form the basis of Montenegro’s national reporting on Millennium Development Goals. The survey will also provide most recent and reliable baseline data on children in Montenegro which will be presented to the Committee on the Rights of the Child, and this data will be essential for effective reform of the social sector system.

“Reliable statistical data gathered by this survey are important for the country to show the degree of success in providing necessary conditions that are essential for mother and child’s well-being. The data will help Montenegro to set targets for future progress for all Montenegrins, including the most vulnerable, and it will also help to inform interventions and policy directions to address the social health and educational needs of the country”, said Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Montenegro Representative.

So far, there were four MICS survey rounds - 1995, 2000, 2005-6 and 2009-11. Last time Montenegro conducted this survey through MONSTAT in 2005-2006. The fifth round of MICS will be the major undertaking in collecting of national statistics after 2011 Census, and for the first time conducted in Montenegro as an independent country.



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