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UNICEF informs Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration on achieved results on disability issue in Montenegro

PODGORICA, FEBRUARY 22, 2013 – Igor Luksic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative in Montenegro discussed today on achieved results in implementation of UNICEF’s program in Montenegro with the focus on inclusion of persons with disabilities, as well as upcoming participation of Montenegrin government delegation in the Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

“Successful presentation of the results on the inclusion of children with special educational needs in the education system in Montenegro is a good example of the country’s progress in the education system reform,” said Igor Luksic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

Earlier this month, delegates from Montenegro shared the experience in advancing the realization of the right of children with disabilities to quality education at the briefing focusing on the issue of children with disabilities that was held at United Nations Headquarters in New York. In regard to the very positive results presented, Montenegrin government delegation was invited to take part at the side-event of the High Level Panel Discussion on Human Rights Mainstreaming of the 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

UNICEF Representative to Montenegro Benjamin Perks and Montenegrin Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Intergration Igor Luksic

The planned event will be an opportunity for Montenegro to share good practices and lessons learnt in the field of inclusive education, and to continue its contribution to the global dialogue on this issue.

According to the latest Knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) survey conducted in December 2012, every second citizen of Montenegro (49%) learned something new about children with disability from the It’s about ability campaign, while one in five (19%) changed attitudes and one in four (25%) changed positively the behaviour towards children with disability.

“The campaign will continue in 2013 in order to further support the building of an equitable society in Montenegro, where all children have an opportunity to develop and reach their full potential,” said Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Montenegro Representative.

UNICEF Representative stressed out that the UNICEF will continue to work with the Government of Montenegro and support implementation of activities with the aim to prevent separation of children from their families, placement of children in institutions, and to create necessary preconditions to provide quality education to all children.

Contact person:
Ana Zec
Programme Specialist
020 224 277
069 311 308





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