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Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth trained to write project proposals

VIRPAZAR, MONTENEGRO 24 – 26 January, 2013 - Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali youth from Nikšić and Berane attended a three-day seminar in Virpazar held for the purpose of building their capacity and leadership within the Roma community and society at large. The main topics of the seminar pertained to project preparation in the NGO sector.  As a result of the seminar, two projects were prepared by the participants on the issues of education and domestic violence.  According to the Roma, these issues represent the most critical concerns of their community.

“It is very important that children know what violence is, and that parents know the meaning of literacy and education. Therefore, I hope that if these two projects are accepted and we start with our activities, it will have significant influence on them and results will be better,” said Miljajim Delija, student of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education from Nikšić.

“For the first time, I have learned how to write project proposals, and I can say that I am very pleased, and have learned a lot,” said Ferida Sukaj, graduate of the Economic and Hospitality Secondary School from Nikšić.

Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali youth from Nikšić and Berane attending a three-day seminar

 “All children need to know what education is. What we have done here is very useful and I would like that every child from the RAE population take part in these workshops,” said Binak Šalja, student of the Secondary Technical School from Berane.

By acquiring knowledge of the work involved in the NGO sector, Roma and Egyptian youth are stimulated to participate more actively in their communities and implement their ideas through writing projects.

“I am working with a fantastic group of ambitious and highly motivated young people. My colleagues and I will give them our support in having all these planned projects implemented over the period to come,” said the workshop trainer Sava Kovačević.

The Virpazar seminar represents the final phase of the project entitled “Support for Roma Youth in Nikšić and Berane and Strengthening of Their Knowledge and Capacities”, organized by the non-governmental organization “the Roma Initiative Center”, with the technical support of UNICEF.  The project has been ongoing since October 2012. 

Roma, Egyptian and Ashkali writting a project proposal

“Last year we launched a project to support young Roma and Egyptians, and concrete training is focused on writing of project proposals to help them better understand what project entails, and in which way they need to initiate activities to address the problems of Roma and Egyptians youth in the community,” said Fana Delija, Director of Roma Initiative Centre.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness among Roma youth of the significance of health and education and to build their capacity to handle these issues through their own initiatives.



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