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Montenegro’s children make an audio recording of their favorite poetry for peers with visual impairments

PODGORICA, DECEMBER 4, 2012 – Poetry for children of the famous Montenegrin poet Dragan Radulović experienced a new audio release. As a part of the campaign "It’s about ability", representatives of UNICEF, Library for people with visual impairments, Resource Center for Children and Youth, students from 12 primary school parliaments, and Ognjen Radulovic, son of the poet, presented the CD intended primarily for children with visual impairments.

“Our aim is today, to remind that all children must have access to children’s books and poetry and be able to exercise the right to read. There should be no discrimination in providing information and in providing opportunities for children to enjoy cultural and educational activities,” UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks said.

What makes this audio recording unique is the fact that children from 12 municipalities read their favorite poems for their peers with visual impairments. With UNICEF’s support, the Centre for Child Rights organized members of primary schools’ parliaments from Podgorica, Rozaje, Berane, Andrijevica, Plav, Mojkovac, Kolasin, Zabljak, Pluzine, Danilovgrad, Bar and Ulcinj to record their favorite poems written by Dragan Radulovic.

Students from Resource Centre for Children and Youth in Podgorica reciting verses by Dragan Radulovic

“It is my great pleasure that through this amazing project realized by UNICEF in Montenegro and the Centre for Child Rights, one part of the creative work of the man who, among other awards also won one from UNICEF, will find its way to new kids and brighten their childhood.” Ognjen Radulović, son of a famous Montenegrin poet Dragan Radulović said.

Children enjoyed making this audio recording.

„For me this was a challenge and a particular pleasure at the same time. We worked in an interesting way. We selected the poems, then we read them to each other in small groups and then individually,“ Mia Golubovic from Danilovgrad explained.

Her friend from Bar, Vladimir Mijac, thinks that “each one of us left some sort of a personal mark to the verses that he/she recited.''

The director of the Library for visually impaired people in Montenegro, Bozidar Denda, is happy that the library will now be able to provide Dragan Radulovic's poetry as well. „We look forward to this and every opportunity to come together around a good and interesting book. We are especially delighted when such a book in an accesible format can be read by children and adults with visual impairments. We do our best to ensure that we have as many as possible books of this type in our library, one of its kind in Montenegro,“ Mr Denda highlighted.

The Resource centre, which supports education of children with visual impairments, will publish this audio recording in the online library of their website in order to help all interested to easily access and enjoy the poetry of Dragan Radulovic. Also, the library for visually impaired people will deliver a copy of the audio recording upon request to all interested children and adults in the country.

UNICEF Representative to Montenegro, Director of Library for people with visual impairments, Resource Center for Children and Youth students, students from 12 primary school parliaments and Ognjen Radulovic, son of the poet, presented the CD

“It is our hope that Montenegro’s children will inspire their friends, parents, teachers and neighbors to volunteer in making audio recordings of their favorite books and poetry for the library for people with visual impairments. Because ensuring the full enjoyment of the rights of children and people with disability on an equal basis with others is the responsibility not only of the government, but of every member of society,“ Mr Perks concluded.

The presentation of the audio recording of Dragan Radulovic's poetry is organized on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It is the first human rights convention of the 21st century and the first legally binding instrument with comprehensive protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, including children. According to the article 21 of this Convention, people have right to get information in the form in which they can understand and use it.




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