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Rambo Amadeus and young volunteers promote inclusion in Bijelo Polje

Within the “It’s about ability” campaign, UNICEF Montenegro Goodwill Ambassador Antonije Pušić alias Rambo Amadeus joins a workshop where young volunteers meet and play with peers with disability in their community

BIJELO POLJE, OCTOBER 5, 2012 – Within the It’s about ability campaign, UNICEF Montenegro Goodwill Ambassador Rambo Amadeus will visit the primary school “Dušan Korać” in Bijelo Polje to join a workshop of young volunteers and children with disability from 11.00am to 01.00 pm on October 5, 2012.

This workshop is one of a series organized by the Bijelo Polje’s Association of parents of children with disability “Oaza” in cooperation with the local primary and high schools in order to provide young volunteers with opportunities to interact and engage with children with disability living in their community.

Nejra Mekic, president of the NGO “Oaza” points out that this sort of volunteerism is “an opportunity for children and young people to establish a relationship with their peers, primary and secondary schools students who are involved in the ''Development of Voluntary Service’’ project, as well as with the young people with disabilities from the Day Care Centre ‘Tisa’ attending the volunteers workshops at NGO Oaza.”

So far, more than 180 young people applied for the volunteers’ clubs aimed at promoting friendship with children with disability in Bijelo Polje.

UNICEF Montenegro supports parents associations, schools and day care centres in Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Bar and Herceg Novi to organize clubs for young volunteers – advocates for inclusion. According to UNICEF Representative to Montenegro Benjamin Perks, volunteerism is particularly appropriate for this campaign because young people from all sections of society have the opportunity to contribute to positive transformation of the situation of children with disability in their own community.

“It’s about ability campaign promotes inclusion of children with disability as a normal aspect of any community.” UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks says.

The It’s about ability campaign started in September 2010, after a UNICEF’s survey conducted on a nationally representative sample in Montenegro revealed that just one out of five citizens wouldn't mind the child with disabilities to be the best friend of their child. The campaign has been inviting Montenegro’s citizens to welcome children with disabilities into their hearts, homes and communities without fear or prejudice.

For more information please contact:
Jelena Perovic, Communication Officer; cell phone: 069 225 315; email or visit the It’s about ability website page or Unicef Montenegro facebook page



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