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Children with disability perform at the International Children’s Theatre Festival in Kotor

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Momir Krivacevic
Young people with disability and volunteers together at the art workshop in Kotor

KOTOR, July 10, 2012 –  With UNICEF’s support, International Children’s Theatre Festival in Kotor has organized art workshops for children with and without disability for the second year in a row. The movie presenting the artistic work conducted with an inclusive group of children is to be shown shown on July 10, within the official programme of the last evening of the children’s theatre festival.

In this way, the festival reminds that all children have the right to authentic art experiences, whatever their ability level or challenges may be.

''Last year we had a play. This year, we have a workshop and a roundtable, which points out to our determination to have inclusive activities become a regular part of Kotor's festival. In simple words, we want the inclusion to become one the main programme activities and goals of our organization. We hope that entire Montenegro will join us in supporting inclusion more intensively,'' said the Director of the Festival, Petar Pejakovic.

Parents of children with disability who participated in the inclusive art workshops are happy to see their children enjoy an opportunity to express themselves and meet new friends through art.

''The benefits are immeasurable because the children are happy, the work with them is very good, they are included. We, as parents, are very pleased to see our children included,'' Trajanka Dujovic, parent of a child with disability said.

Young volunteers of Kotor’s festival who joined the inclusive workshops point out to the need to create more opportunities for them to meet with the peers with disability.

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Momir Krivacevic
Young people with disabilitiy and volunteers dancing at the workshop in Kotor

''I saw that some people sometimes treat children with disabilities in a rude and agessive way and for this reason I decided to get involved. I think people need to learn how to treat people with disability, to treat them like they are part of our society because they are,'' said a volunteer Jelena Beljkas.

Inclusive art workshops are organized in Kotor with UNICEF’s support within the It’s about ability campaign.

“Every child has right to and deserves the opportunity to express himself or herself through art even though many children will never become professional artists,” UNICEF Representative Benjamin Perks concluded.

By having children with disability dance and act in public, Kotor’s festival contributes to raising awareness about the abilities of children with disability and about the obligation of the society to provide every child with opportunities to develop to the full potential.



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