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Children learn sign language from their peers with hearing and speech impairments

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Momir Krivacevic
Students saying ‘It’s About Ability’ in sign language

BAR and ULCINJ, June 1, 2012 - Within the "It’s about Ability" campaign, Delon Sejdović and Šejla Musić from the Resource Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Children and Youth with Hearing and Speech Impairments from Kotor presented sign language to Students' Parliaments of Primary Schools "Blažo Jokov Orlandić" from Bar and "Boško Strugar" from Ulcinj. They talked about the challenges faced by children with hearing and speech impairments in Montenegro as well as about the importance of sign language for their participation in the community life.

"I showed children how to tell their names in sign language, all of them individually, and I showed them how to say the names of the Montenegrin towns they live in," said Delon Sejdović in sign language.

“I believe this is a great idea of both our school and the school in Kotor, with an aim to bring closer this type of communication to all of us,.” said Dimitrije Mijač, Member of the Students’ Parliament, Primary School “Blažo Jokov Orlandić“, Bar

‘’I learned a lot of things today, and now I can show my name in sign language. I believe that all schools across Montenegro should participate in this project, because we will all certainly need to communicate with persons with hearing or speech impairment in our lives," said Dimitrije’s two years younger brother Vladimir, also member of Students’ Parliament at Primary School “Blažo Jokov Orlandić“, Bar

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Momir Krivacevic
Dimitrije Mijač showing the sign language alphabet

Similar discussions on access to information and education of children with hearing and speech impairments will be organized in ten primary schools in Danilovgrad, Plužine, Šavnik, Žabljak, Kolašin, Mojkovac, Plav, Rožaje, Berane and Andrijevica within the campaign "It’s about Abilities".

Through socializing in students’ parliaments, children throughout Montenegro will be introduced to sign language alphabet.

"Having a hearing or speech impairment or any other development difficulty should never be an obstacle to learning, going to school or participating in life of the society. This is why we are promoting sign language in students' parliaments, as well as the right of all children to learn in a form which they can understand and use information," said UNICEF Representative in Montenegro, Benjamin Perks.

At the end of the session of Students’ Parliament in Bar, Dimitrije Mijač repeated the whole alphabet of sign language, which he already knew, and he promised to share this knowledge with his friends at school.




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