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Inclusive soft play areas opened in primary schools in Podgorica

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2011/ M.Krivacevic
Nevena Popovic and Vuksan Tripkovic, School Parliament representatives

PODGORICA, March 22 - 24, 2011 – Thanks to donation from Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group  who joined the 'It's About Ability' campaign by supporting the opening of the specially equipped inclusive play areas,  primary schools ‘Stampar Makarije’ and ‘Savo Pejanovic’ have soft play areas for children with and without disabilities. Similar rooms will be set up in 3 more primary schools in Podgorica: „Radojica Perovic“, „Vladimir Nazor“ and „21. maj“

Deputy Minister of Education and Sport, Vesna Vucurovic said that these rooms are equipped to stimulate physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of children.
‘Inclusive soft play areas will ensure that children with special educational needs find a corner where they will be able to stimulate their creative abilities through use of learning resources and structured play,’’ said Vucurovic.

Stampar Makarije School Parliament representatives Nevena Popovic and Vuksan Tripkovic expressed satisfaction for having the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with their peers with disabilities and stressed that it would be nice for the others to see the importance of play rooms for these children and help their opening throughout Montenegro.
‘’I see children with disabilities as a great fighters and I think we should be experiencing them as a model of courage and strength,’’ Popovic stressed out.

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2011/ M.Krivacevic
Press conference held in Primary School Stampar Makarije

UNICEF Representative in Montenegro Ms. Noala Skinner was very pleased to see Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group become one of strategic partners of 'It's About Ability' campaign from the private sector.
 ‘’We are talking about collective responsibility to root out discrimination, a collective responsibility to promote an open society where every child has the chance to develop to his/hers full potential. Our goal is to create an unstoppable coalition of partners that will support long-term inclusion of children with disabilities in the Montenegrin society,’’ Skinner concluded.

Employees from Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group organised a day of drawing and playing with children at these two schools.



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