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Opening of first specially equipped inclusive soft play area in primary school 'Stampar Makarije' in Podgorica

Inclusive soft play areas in five primary schools thanks to donation by Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group
Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group joined the 'It's About Ability' campaign and supported opening of the specially equipped inclusive play areas in five primary schools in Podgorica

PODGORICA, March 22, 2011 – Deputy Minister of Education and Sport Ms. Vesna Vucurovic, PR of the Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group Ms. Sladjana Radovic and UNICEF Representative in Montenegro Ms. Noala Skinner will hold a press conference and open the first inclusive soft play area for children at the primary school ‘Stampar Makarije’ in Podgorica at 10.30am on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

Immediately after the press conference, activities for children will be held, as employees from Podgoricka bank will organize a day of drawing and playing with children at the school.

For the first time in Montenegro, thanks to the donation by the Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group, children with and without disabilities will be able to play together in specially equipped soft play areas in five primary schools in Podgorica: „Stampar Makarije“, „Savo Pejanovic“, „Radojica Perovic“, „Vladimir Nazor“ and „21. maj“.

The soft play areas are specially equipped to stimulate children's overall cognitive, emotional, physical and social development. As a result, during the time that children spend in schools every day, they will have more opportunities to acquire new skills and make new friends through play in a stimulative environment.

Minister of Education and Sport, Mr. Slavoljub Stijepovic, welcomes the donation by Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group emphasizing the importance of opening specially equipped soft play areas in Podgorica’s schools. “Responsibility to understand, respect and help people with disabilities needs to begin in early childhood. Ministry of Education and Sports, in partnership with UNICEF and the Podgoricka bank Societe Generale Group, makes it possible for children with special educational needs to be educated in conditions that suit their needs. So, children can learn, develop new skills and play with their friends in various ways in these soft play areas. Care for children with special educational needs will have results only if we all join our forces.’’

The Main Executive Director of Podgoricka banka Societe Generale Group, Ms. Branka Pavlovic, emphasizes sincere support to the ‘It’s About Ability’ campaign and to inclusive education, which makes it possible for Montenegro’s children with disabilities to learn alongside their peers. “Supporting inclusion from the early years, including through play and social interaction, is an  important way to ensure sustainability and give every child the best possible chance to develop to his or her full potential.’’

UNICEF Representative in Montenegro Ms. Noala Skinner is very pleased to see Podgoricka banka Societe Generale Group become one of the campaign's strategic partners from the private sector. “Our goal is to create an unstoppable coalition of partners in support of lasting inclusion of children with disabilities in Montenegro's society.“

For more information please contact:

Ms. Jelena Perović, Communication Officer, UNICEF Montenegro; Phone: +382 20 224 277 Ext. 3; Fax: +382 20 224 278; Mobile: +382 69 225 315; Email:; Website: ; Facebook page:



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