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World Breastfeeding Week celebrated in Montenegro

© UNICEF Montenegro / 2010
Dunja and Dragisa Pajovic at the press conference marking the World Breastfeeding Week

DANILOVGRAD, August 5, 2010 - UNICEF, WHO and the Ministry of Health marked the World Breastfeeding Week  from 1 to 7 August by presenting the educational material which will contribute to the promotion of the best possible start to life for all children in Montenegro.

Almost half of a million leaflets and 4 short documentaries are being distributed to all Montenegrin nurseries, schools for pregnant women and healthcare centers. For the first time in Montenegro, the material will enable parents to easily access reliable information on key issues relating to pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and early child care and development.

Participants of the local school for pregnant women were also present at the press conference. They had the opportunity to read all 14 leaflets and to watch the movie on breastfeeding.

"There is lot of useful information in the breastfeeding movie. For example, until now I didn’t know how often babies should be breastfed. I also found out that a feeding session can last up to half an hour, even more," said Dunja Pajovic, one of the pregnant women present at the conference.

Dunja’s husband Dragisa points out that the leaflets contain information that is valuable for the whole family. "There are leaflets for everyone, for every member of the family. I found some very interesting points in the leaflet ‘I will become a father’ that raises questions on being a good father and husband and other questions that fathers usually ask themselves when their partners are pregnant," Dragisa said.

The Deputy Minister of Health Ms. Jadranka Lakicevic called for all parents to share the responsibility of  upbringing their children, while the UNICEF Program Coordinator Branka Kovacevic explained why the educational material is primarily designed for schools for pregnant women.

Last year, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health conducted a 3-month awareness-raising campaign on early childhood development “The Early Years – An Opportunity of a Lifetime”. As a result, almost 20% of parents who have children under 6 reported that they started changing some of their attitudes and behaviors related to raising children.

Story by Momir Krivacevic





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