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Annual Review 2008

Assistant Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Education, Health, Labour and Social Welfare, Justice, Human and Minority Rights, Assistant Secretary for European integrations, Director of the Institute for Public Health, Director of the Bureau for Education, high officials from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Ombudsman’s office, Statistical Office of the Republic of Montenegro, and officials from several municipalities and from UN and international organizations participated in the Annual Review Meeting of UNICEF with the Government of Montenegro on December 8, 2008.

Results, challenges and lessons learned from 2008 together with the plans for 2009 and the vision for the new country programme were presented and analyzed at the meeting. In particular, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare, the Institute of Public Health and the Ministry of Education gave presentations on their ongoing cooperation with UNICEF Montenegro.

As a result of our cooperation with UNICEF Montenegro, IFC, OSCE and SC UK, Centre for Mediation was opened in Podgorica in February 2008. In addition, thanks to UNICEF support Mediation centre’s branch office was opened on the north in Bijelo Polje in August.” said the Assistant Minister of Justice Ms. Branka Lakocevic at the Annual Review meeting.  “More importantly, the first IPA grant to Montenegro worth half a million euros was assigned for the reform of the juvenile justice system. Implementation of this project leading to preventing children at risk from coming into conflict with the law and improving the treatment of children in conflict with the law will be our priority for 2009.” she added.

Assistant Minister of Health, Labour and Social Welfare Ms. Snezana Mijuskovic emphasized the relevance of the technical assistance provided by UNICEF Montenegro for drafting the sub-chapter on child rights within the National Plan of Integration with special focus on social protection of children. “Also, thanks to UNICEF support in 2008, a plan for transformation of the Special Institution for Children and Youth Komanski Most is being developed and its implementation will be one of key priorities for 2009.” said Ms. Mijuskovic at the meeting in Podgorica on Monday. “Cooperation with UNICEF is of key significance for protection of children against violence. Centre for Child and Family Support was opened with UNICEF support in cooperation with Bijelo Polje municipality. More than 900 children have been protected from violence by operational multidisciplinary teams in 7 municipalities supported by UNICEF and UNHCR since 2002", she added. Their integration into the social protection system at local and national levels is envisaged in 2009.

Assistant Minister for Health, Ms. Gorica Seka Savovic pointed out that one of key priorities within the ongoing reform of primary health system will be setting up counseling preventive services on early childhood development and youth health.

Director of the Institute for Public Health Dr Boban Mugosa, emphasised the importance of UNICEF contribution to HIV related activities for youth and prevention of transmission from mother to child. 

Assistant Minister of Education Mr. Marko Jokic stressed out the importance of cooperation with UNICEF for implementing quality, child centred, and inclusive education and for creating safe school environments. “Thanks to UNICEF support, capacities of Commissions for orientation of children with disabilities were strengthened and their funding is included in the municipal budgets.” said Mr Jokic at the meeting. “UNICEF’s project “School without violence” is quite relevant for addressing high level of tolerance on violence in general. Work on Roma inclusion especially in preschool education is one of the key priorities for future cooperation, as well as further support to active participation of children and youth in the European integration process.” he added.

Based on the Mid-term Review in 2008, UNICEF programme of cooperation 2010-2011 will be a bridging programme with two main programme areas: the first one is child protection and social inclusion, while the second is child rights and system strengthening.” said Ms. Noala Skinner, UNICEF Representative at the Annual Review meeting. She explained that UNICEF will provide support in creating a “bank of knowledge” on children in Montenegro in order to allow the development of evidence-based policies, as well as of an efficient system for monitoring of child rights.

Together with UNICEF Representative, the meeting was chaired by Ambassador Milorad Scepanovic, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs who concluded: “The signing of the revised CPAP in September 2008 between the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the UNICEF Representative was a major achievement. We are looking forward to singing the Annual Work-plan for 2009 in January, as we believe that its implementation will bring major breakthroughs for children of Montenegro.”





Annual Review 2008

Assistant Minister of Justice Ms. Branka Lakocevic, Ambassador Milorad Scepanovic, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, UNICEF Montenegro Representative Noala Skinner and Assistant Minister of Health, Labour and Social Welfare Ms. Snezana Mijuskovic at the Annual Review in Podgorica in December 2008

UNICEF Montenegro Representative Noala Skinner and Assistant Minister of Health, Labour and Social Welfare Ms. Snezana Mijuskovic at the Annual Review in Podgorica in December 2008


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