UNICEF Montenegro National Goodwill Ambassador

Famous musician in the Balkans Antonije Pusic alias Rambo Amadeus became UNICEF Montenegro National Goodwill Ambassador in 2006.

UNICEF Montenegro
UNICEF National Ambassador Antonije Pusic with young reporters
UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2018

Famous musician in the Balkans Antonije Pusic alias Rambo Amadeus became UNICEF Montenegro National Goodwill Ambassador in 2006.

Since then, he has actively supported UNICEF’s initiatives related to peer violence, inclusion of children with disabilities, fostering, positive parenting and digital and media literacy.

School without violence

Within the School without violence campaign, Pusic, together with children from one primary school (Stampar Makarije) in the capital, produced a song entitled Dream school – Skola iz snova.

It's about ability

Within the It's about ability campaign, Pusic, together with young advocates for inclusion, produced a song and a TV spot entitled "It's about ability"

Every child needs a family

Within the Every child needs a family campaign, Pusic invited citizens to become foster parents at different occasions and events.

End violence online

Within the End violence online campaign, Pusic borrowed his voice and helped make the scenario of the NETFriends app more interesting to children. This app contains an educational role-play game, which takes children through real life scenarios and makes them learn how to recognize, prevent, stop and report violence online.

End violence

Within the End Violence campaign, Pusic invited citizens to raise children without violence.

Let's Choose What We Watch

Within the media literacy campaign, implemented by Montenegro Agency for Electronic Media with UNICEF's support, together with young reporters, Pusic produced campaign song and video "Let's Choose What We Watch".

Mr Pusic continues to use his creativity and popularity to advocate for equal rights and opportunities for every child in Montenegro.