I want to support my children

Famous actor Miso Obradovic is mastering new parenting methods thanks to the “Caring Families” programme

Milica Bogdanović
Miso Obradovic and his daughter
UNICEF Montenegro/DuškoMiljanić/2022
28 February 2022

Podgorica, 28 February 2022 – Miso Obradovic is a father of two. He is a well-known actor who has a fair amount of free time and spends it with his daughter (4) and son (1). In order to make their relationships the best possible, he applied for the “Caring Families” programme for parents of children aged 2–9 years.

“My daughter remains at the table for a long time during lunch, which is a common problem many parents face, but I did not know the best possible way to solve it. I have decided to apply for this programme not only because of this particular problem but also because of the desire to be a better parent to my children''.

Miso Obradovic, actor

He admits that he tried to resolve this challenge on his own in various ways – from “bribing her with sweets” to threatening her with punishment. However, he realized that this approach was wrong and did not yield results.

“Sometimes, I would lose patience; other times, I would have too much patience, and in that case the meals would last indefinitely long.”

Using principles from the programme, together with expert advice and conversations with other fathers who participated in the programme, Miso learned how to motivate his daughter to finish her meal using positive incentives.

“She accepted this new situation calmly; I decided to keep my composure, so we are not frustrated with lingering around at the table for an hour and a half after lunchtime.”

Mišo Obradović, actor
Miso Obradovic with his daughter
UNICEF Montenegro/DuškoMiljanić/2022
Actor Miso Obradovic, with his daughter (4), in Podgorica, in February 2022

This famous actor is of the opinion that the model of parenting has changed compared to the time when he was a child, and that fathers want to be more involved in raising their children.

“I want to be a father who will be close to his children in the critical periods of their lives, be a support to them, and provide guidance for the decisions that await them in life.”

Miso Obradovic, actor

A public opinion poll conducted by Ipsos in March 2021 shows that, compared to 10 years ago, fathers now spend significantly more time engaging in play with their children; they eat with them and are involved in everyday obligations, such as bathing and changing diapers, more often.

UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development officer, Ida Ferdinandi, thinks that fathers’ involvement in raising children is being encouraged through the “Caring Families” parenting programme, implemented in Montenegro since 2018.

Zaposlena u UNICEF-u sjedi za računarom
UNICEF Montenegro/Duško Miljanić/2022
Parenting and childcare can be stressful, says UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development officer

“Parenting and childcare can be stressful, while professional and family-related obligations are known to make them even more stressful. Parents who find themselves in such circumstances often lack adequate support, while some are left with no support whatsoever''.

Ida Ferdinandi, UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development officer

Therefore UNICEF will continue to support successful parenting programmes, as well as other ways of support for parents that can make this beautiful, exciting and challenging journey called parenting easier for them.

The “Caring Families” programme is implemented by the Association “Parents” with the support of UNICEF and the financial support of the European Union. The programme lasts 12 weeks, during which time parents work in a group and receive advice on how to reach solutions for their problems.

“Caring Families” is part of a suite of parenting programmes, whose objective is to foster positive relationships between children and parents, developed in collaboration between the World Health Organization, Stellenbosch and Cape Town Universities in South Africa, Oxford and Bangor Universities in the United Kingdom, and UNICEF.