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A baby boy in a mans arms


This Brand Book presents UNICEF’s Global Brand Strategy – ‘for every child’
– and practical guidelines for its use by the entire organization.
For the first time, brand building has been recognized as an organizational
priority and included in the UNICEF Strategic Plan, which identifies winning
support for the cause of children from decision makers and wider publics as a
critical change strategy that UNICEF will focus on for the next four years.
This Brand Book includes updated, in-depth guidance for adapting the
brand strategy in everything we do, in every country where we work. In
compliance with the Global Regulatory Framework, it should be used by all
UNICEF Country Office and National Committee teams. To guide suppliers
in producing materials for UNICEF, it also may be used in conjunction with
contractual terms and agreements.
The Brand team welcomes questions and suggestions for improvement on all
brand-related guidance and assets.
Please contact the Brand Help Desk: brand@unicef.org

A baby boy in a mans arms



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