The prevention of child marriage in Montenegro challenges, lessons learnt and a theory of change

Human rights violation

Prevention of child marriages cover
UNICEF Montenegro / Zoran Jovanovic Maccak / 2006


Over the last decade global recognition and understanding have increased of the adverse and, in most cases, irreversible impact that child marriage has on children, as it acts as a barrier preventing children from accessing opportunities and choices in life that would help them develop their full potential. Child marriage is a violation of children’s human rights. It violates the following rights, listed in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC): the right to survival, health, and development; the right to protection from violence, abuse, and exploitation; the right to education, due to its adverse impact on girls’ schooling; the right to full participation in family, cultural, and social life, and others. Yet the practice continues to be prevalent in many parts of the world, exposing millions of children, predominantly girls, to the risks associated with social exclusion, limited educational and livelihood opportunities, teen pregnancy, and gender-based violence.

Prevention of child marriages cover
UNICEF Montenegro, Centar za romske inicijative
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