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Open days of preschools in the North within the preschool for all campaign

KOLAŠIN, 30 June 2016 – Management of the Sestre Radović kindergarten in Kolašin, in cooperation with the NGO Pedagogical Centre, organized an Open Day to invite all parents in this municipality to enroll children in preschool.

Children performing during the open day of the preschool in Kolasin - UNICEF Montenegro 2016/Danilo Papic

This is another activity of the campaign Preschool for all, implemented by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education within the efforts to have all children aged 3 to 6 attend some sort of preschool education in Montenegro by 2020.

Since May 2016, the campaign is being implemented not only in Kolašin, but also in Šavnik, Pljevlja, Žabljak, Mojkovac and Plužine. It has already achieved first results.

"Compared to this time last year, we now have 20 per cent more children enrolled“, Olivera Vukićević, the director of the Sestre Radovic kindergarten pointed out.

Research conducted in northern municipalities of Montenegro in March 2016 shows that every fifth parent thinks that children should attend preschool only when there is no one to take care them at home.

Children dancing Montenegrin kolo during the open day of the preschool in Kolasin - UNICEF Montenegro 2016/Danilo Papic

Father of three, Milija Rovčanin, believes that children best prepare for school through the preschool education.

"I think that a child who doesn’t attend preschool has more difficulties to fit in during the first, second grade of primary school and generally, during the first years of education“, Rovčanin said. He enrolled all three of his children to preschool.

Tanja Mirović says that her six-year old daughter Jelena learned many useful things in preschool.

“Preschool was really helpful, because she learned how to be friends with others and socialize. She became freer to speak out and take action and she learned polite expressions”, Mirović highlighted.

Parents and visitors watching children perform during the open day of the preschool in Kolasin - UNICEF Montenegro 2016/Danilo Papic

How many different skills and how much new knowledge children acquire through preschool education was made evident today during the play performed by children of Kolašin’s preschool for all visitors.

“I learned how to draw, how to colour, how to dance and how to recite in preschool”, six-year old Bogdana said emphasizing that she likes dancing Montenegrian kolo the most.

Her classmates, Irina and Jelena, say to have learned a lot of new songs in kindergarten.

Today, children in Kolasin’s preschool enjoyed playing with the new toys donated by the NGO Pedagodical Centre.



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