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Ballet dancers promote preschool education in the North of Montenegro

PLJEVLJA, ZABLJAK, Montenegro, 17 June 2016 - Within the “Preschool for all”, organized by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, new events for children and parents are organized in Pljevlja and Zabljak.

Vasa Pavic Ballet School students performing for children in the north of Montenegro within the Preschool for All campaign - UNICEF Montenegro/Dusko Miljanic

The performance of the ballet dancers from the “Vasa Pavić" Art School, made by the ballet teacher Viktorija Strugar, impressed children.

“We liked the ballet the best”, one girl said, while her friend added “I really liked the ballerinas’ dresses.”

 “We managed to make children dance and play and share the joy with us, here, today. This is a good way to make the dance and play become regular part of their lives and to teach them to never stop dancing or playing,” Strugar said.

Boys imitating ballerinas during the Preschool for All ballet performance
- UNICEF Montenegro/Dusko Miljanic

After the ballet performance, children in Pljevlja and Zabljak played in the outdoor preschool organized by the local preschools together with the NGO “Pedagogical Centre” and the Faculty for Preschool Education.

"Children look forward to playing in the outdoor preschools. They cannot decide where to go first, as we offer them a great number of different games and materials to work with. It is a true pleasure for us to play with them. Every time we come, they ask us when we will come again. This tells us that we are on the right way to make them interested to enroll in preschool“, Marijana Blecic from the Pedagogical Centre said.

Preschool for All ballet performance in the north of Montenegro during 2016
- UNICEF Montenegro/Dusko Miljanic

In response to the question about what they like doing in preschool, children described various games. “We love to paint, draw, play, to make trees and flowers and chickens out of the modeling clay,” said one boy, while his friend added “I like the friendships. I like it when we play… I love everything about kindergarten!”.

Among the many parents, there were also some whose children already attend preschool. They were happy to share their experiences and recommend preschool education to all parents.

Children dancing with the ballerinas after the Preschool for All ballet performance
- UNICEF Montenegro/Dusko Miljanic

“Although, in the beginning, I was afraid and thought that she can be better taken care of while at home, when we enrolled my daughter to preschool, she learned everything on her own – to eat, to dress… Everything I was trying to teach her for a long time she learned it there immediately. I see that my child now runs to the kindergarten, that she is happy to be with her friends there and that she is excited when we meet them in town,” said Mila Avakumovic, a mother from Zabljak.

During this year, the “Preschool for All” campaign is implemented in 6 new municipalities - Kolašin, Mojkovac, Šavnik, Žabljak, Plužine and Pljevlja. The campaign supports the ongoing preschool education system reform, which aims to include all children aged 3 to 6 into some form of preschool education by 2020. 



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