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Montenegrin grandparents invite every child to preschool

Savnik, Pljevlja, Zabljak, 7 June 2016 – Grandmothers and grandfathers from Savnik, Zabljak i Pljevlja joined the Preschool for All campaign implemented by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education. They spent the day in the kindergartens playing with their grandchildren and their peers and talking to the preschool teachers and psychologists.

Grandparents, who joined the Preschool for All campaign, playing with children in the preschool in Savnik - UNICEF Montenegro 2016 / Danilo Papic

Their message was that children need to go to preschool besides spending time with grandparents and parents at home.

“Since he was our first grandchild, we spoiled him and didn’t send him to kindergarten, which was a mistake. The child changed completely when he started attending preschool. We could see the difference in his behavior even after the first seven days he spent here”, said the grandma from Savnik, Radenka Kadic.

Momir Janjusevic from Pljevlja agrees with her. He spent the day in the kindergarten in Pljevlja with his granddaughter Branka.

“Friendships are extremely important. Grandpa can be a grandpa, grandma can be a grandma, but I cannot be the boy with whom Branka likes to play and fight. She cannot fight with me, but with boys and girls from the kindergarten, there’s rivalry, there’s competition in playing and running. This makes preschool a necessity for every child”, he stated.

Grandpa with grandson vising the preschool in Zabljak within the Preschool for All campaign - UNICEF Montenegro 2016 / Danilo Papic

The lowest preschool enrollment rates are in the north of Montenegro, where a significant percentage of parents believe there is no need for children to go to kindergarten if someone can take care of children at home. Parents living in areas far from the city also say that the lack of transportation is an issue.

This, however, doesn’t present a problem for Milija Ceranic, from Duzi village, located 10km from Savnik, who takes his granddaughter to kindergarten every day.

Grandma with granddaughter visiting the preschool in Zabljak within the Preschool for All campaign - UNICEF Montenegro 2016 / Danilo Papic

“I go to work and then I take her to the kindergarten, where she spends the day and then, in the evening, we go back to the village. Since I work in the school, I understand the significance of preschool education for child development and socialization”, Milija pointed out and recommended organizing a joint transportation for children who live in areas far from the kindergarten.

Besides Savnik, Pljevlja, Zabljak, Kolasin and Mojkvac, where the Preschool for All campaign is implemented this year, it was realized in Bijelo Polje, Berane, Rozaje, Plav and Andrijevca last year. In these municipalities, preschool enrollment rates increased by 25 per cent, while 43 per cent parents said that this campaign motivated them to enroll their children in kindergarten.

The Preschool for All campaign is part of the wider efforts of Montenegro to enroll every child aged 3-6 to preschool by 2020.



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