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Travelling theatre “Preschool for All“ invites children to preschool

PLJEVLJA, ZABLJAK, MONTENEGRO, 26 May 2016 - Within the second phase of the "Preschool for All" campaign, children from Pljevlja and Zabljak enjoyed the play of the travelling theatre performed by the students of the Montenegrin Faculty of Dramatic Arts and famous Montenegrin actors - Branka Stanić, Slavko Kalezić, Katarina Krek, Kristina Stevović, Karmen Bardak, Filip Đuretić i Maja Stojanović.

Famous Montenegrin actress Branka Stanić during the performance of the Travelling theatre Preschool for all in Žabljak - UNICEF Montenegro 2016 / Dusko Miljanic

The performance, created by the professor Sanja Garić, shows the first day in preschool and all the magic that socializing with peers brings.

"Children’s reactions are impressive –  they dance, sing and talk to us all the time during the performance. In the end, we all come together to the outdoor preschool and play. The atmoshpere is fabulous, everything is so cheerful. I am confident that playing with us will motivate them to enroll in preschool“, Garić says.

Famous Montenegrin actress Branka Stanic is happy to see “how something good that we’ve started with joint forces continues this year”.

Famous Montenegrin actresses Kristina Stevovic and Branka Stanic performing in the Travelling theatre Preschool for all in Pljevlja - UNICEF Montenegro 2016 / Dusko Miljanic

“My children go to preschool and on Saturdays and Sundays they cry, because they are bored without it. Home can never compete with the kindergarten, no matter how hard I try. They learn so much there, they develop creativity and fantasy. For this reason, I appeal to and invite all parents to provide children with this opportunity and to not deprive them from the love and imagination that kindergarten gives them. We have no right to take deprive them of that”, Stanic emphasizes.

Many children and parents, in downtown Pljevlja and Zabljak, played in the outdoor preschool organized by the local kindergartens in cooperation with the  NGO “Pedagogical Centre” and the Montenegrin Faculty for Preschool Education.

"Using a variety of materials, we developed a program for an outdoor preschool, which stimulates different areas of child development. The aim is to provide children with opportunities to learn through play. We are confident that, in this way, parents will gain a better understanding about what preschool is about and children will want to go there every day“, Marijana Blečić, coordinator from the NGO Pedagogical centre points out.

Children playing in the outdoor preschool in downtown Žabljak - UNICEF Montenegro 2016 / Dusko Miljanic

The lowest preschool enrolment rates are in the northern region of the country, where the existing preschool facilities have capacities to enroll more children. For this reason, during 2016, the “Preschool for All” campaign is implemented in Kolašin, Mojkovac, Šavnik, Žabljak, Plužine and Pljevlja.

Abela Popovic, the director of the kindergarten “Eko bajka” in Pljevlja and Zabljak, is happy that her town was chosen to be part of the “Preschool for All” campaign this year.

“I hope the messages of this campaign will get to the parents living in rural areas and that their children will enroll in preschools as well,” Popovic says.

Children playing in the outdoor preschool in downtown Pljevlja - UNICEF Montenegro 2016 / Dusko Miljanic

Key findings of the survey conducted in March 2016, among the parents of children 3-5 who do not attend preschools and live in the north of Montenegro, indicate that almost half of them lack information on the work of preschools.

According to this survey, one in five parents believe the primary role of preschools is to serve as a day-care and be of assistance to working parents, failing to recognise the key relevance of preschool education for early childhood development and for acquiring skills that children do not learn at home.

"Preschool for All“ campaign is part of a broader initiative of the Government of Montenegro, supported by UNICEF, which aims to achieve 100 percent preschool coverage of children aged 3 to 6 by 2020.



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