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Travelling theatre “Preschool For All” promotes preschool education in Montenegro

BERANE/PLAV, 6 June 2015 - Within the Preschool for All campaign, famous Montenegrin actors and students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts entertained children and parents in order to promote preschools as the best educational environment for children aged 3 to 6.

UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2015

The travelling theater "Preschool for All" surprised children in the north with an interesting performance made by professor Sanja Garić and the team from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. 

Branka Stanic, a prominent Montenegrin actress, is happy to be part of this campaign. "It is a great honor for me to be here today. I am completely fascinated by the wonderful Center for Culture in Plav and such nice people, open for cooperation. I am even more delighted to be part of UNICEF's campaign “Preschool for All”. I hope that we have broadened the horizons of these children so that they see what preschools offer them - a complete fairytale, a world full of colors ”.  

Her colleague, Slavko Kalezic, enjoys performing for children and believes that their performances will have an impact. “It is really a great pleasure to have such a wonderful response from the children, because the interaction between them and us – actors - was at the highest level. This is also a privilege to me, as an actor, as it is most difficult to play for children. When we have their approval, when they become part of the story, when they react, applaud and keep attention to what we’re doing on stage, then we have succeeded, because children cannot be tricked."

Filip Djuretic, another famous Montenegrin actor participating in the travelling theatre Preschoool for All, is happy with the reaction of the audience. “If we manage to increase the number of children going to kindergarten for at least one percent, we have succeeded. However, if you take the response of the audience and their reaction as an indicator, I hope that percentage will be much bigger.“  

UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2015

The campaing “Preschool for All" is aimed at increasing preschool enrollment rates in the municipalities where they are the lowest. So, it is implemented in Plav, Andrijevica, Berane, Rozaje and Bijelo Polje.

"I want to thank the Ministry of Education and UNICEF for organizing such a wonderful campaign, in cooperation with the Center for Culture and local government in Plav. I urge all the citizens to enroll children in preschool, because it will benefit their education and future life. This campaign is a great thing that was very much needed,“ Alija Redžematović, director of the Center for Culture in Plav, said. 

After the performance, children played in the outdoor preschool organized by the NGO Pedagogical Centre and the Faculty for Preschool Education in cooperation with the local preschools. Inspired by the performance, children shared what they learned in preschool.

“What I like the most in kindergarten is when we go out to draw with chaks, and when we play ‘musical chairs’. While the music is playing, somebody has to run to the chairs. And then, when the music stops, we sit on a chair. If you don’t have a chair to sit on, you’re out.”  

"A, B, C, D ... I learned this in the kindergarten."  

"I love being outside, we have a castle, and we climb. On March 8, we made necklaces for our moms, and we painted macaroni. We paint with watercolors, draw flowers…"

Besides the love, care, play and education that the child gets at home, every child needs to play with peers, learn from them, make friends and develop relationships with them and that is exactly that the child does in preschool.  

"I support preschool education. Firstly, because of the socialization. I have two children who are close in age and I see a big change since they started going to the kindergarten. It is very important for them, particularly for their further education, for them to learn how to socialize and share with others," Edina Krcić, a mother from Plav, underlined. 

Until the end of June, artistic and educational events for parents and preschool children will take place in the municipalites with the lowest preschool enrollment rates in order to increase the number of children attending kindergartens.

"Considering the fact that, every weekend, in every town, we have more and more children, parents and citizens attending the events of the campaign “Preschool for All”, and that we hear from the directors of local kindergartens that more children are enrolled this year in comparison to the last one, we can say that our campaign is already having an impact. We will continue organizing campaign events in all these municipalities until the end of June and the preschool enrollment rates in September will indicate how successful we were," Jelena Perović, UNICEF Communication Officer, explained. 

The key message of the campaign is that preschool education plays a key role in the early learning and development and that is has significant, positive socio-economic effects on the entire society. Therefore, preschool education is considered to be one of the best investments a country can make.



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