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Ballet promotes Preschool for All in the North of Montenegro

BERANE/ANDRIJEVICA, Montenegro, 15 May 2015 - Berane and Andrijevica, as the towns in the north of the country with the lowest preschool enrollment rates, hosted the artistic and educational events for children and parents in order to promote preschools as the best educational environment for children aged 3 to 6 years.

UNICEF Montenegro / 2015

An outdoor kindergarten set in downtown pedestrian zones of those towns attracted a large number of children and parents, who were introduced to the learning through play with peers, a typical way of preschool learning.

"I enrolled my child to preschool primarily because of the socialization, as mostly older people live in our neighbourhood and there are not many children with whom she can play, be friends with and learn to share things. She changed a lot through preschool, as I already see her putting her things in one place, collecting toys, knowing how to sit at a table while eating and so on,” mother Ivana Stojanovic said.

According to the survey conducted among the parents of children aged 3-6 who live on the north of Montenegro and do not attend preschools, one in five parents thinks that primary role of preschools is to take care of children and provide help to the working parents and does not recognize the key significance of preschool education for early learning of skills that the child does not learn at home.

Director of the kindergarten in Berane, Jovan Komatina, believes that there is a certain percentage of parents who are literally unaware of what is going on in preschools.

"Many of them think that preschools are babysitting children literally. They think that children are just there physically protected from being injured and that nothing else is being done. Teachers are fighting for the children who went to kindergarten to be in their classrooms, as they are much more prepared than those who didn’t attend preschool," Komatina said.

UNICEF Montenegro / 2015

Ana Prascevic, monther of a preschoooler, thinks the preschool education means a lot for the child.

"I have a son who will now enroll in the first grade of primary school and I think he has quite a good start, as he learned a lot of things in preschool", she added.

While having fun at the educational workshops organized by the NGO Pedagogical Center and the Faculty for Preschool Education and dancing with the ballerinas from the Art school "Vasa Pavic", children talked about why they like to go to preschool and what they learned there.

Some of them have learned how to draw, paint or to stack bricks, some of them have met their best friends. 

Events in Berane and Andrijevica are part of the “Preschool for All” campaign, launched by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education in March with the aim of increasing the preschool enrolment rates in the north of Montenegro.  

The key message of the campaign is that preschool education plays a key role in the early learning and development and that is has significant positive socio-economic effects on the entire society. Therefore, pre-school education is considered to be one of the most profitable investments for improving the life of both an individual and a society as a whole.



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