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Montenegrin singer Nina Žižić supports the “Every Child Needs a Family” campaign

NIKŠIĆ, Montenegro, 20 December 2013 – Montenegrin singer Nina Žižić, who represented Montenegro at the Eurosong this year, participated in the open day of the Centre for social work in Nikšić, within the 'Every Child Needs a Family' campaign. The singer emphasized that fostering is an option in the best interest of a child when he or she is not able to live with the biological parents.

Montenegrin singer Nina Žižić speaking at the open days of the Centre for social work in Nikšić - UNICEF Montenegro / 2013

“I believe that fostering is the best solution for a child who does not have a possibility to grow up with his or her biological parents, since foster parent provides the child with love, which is, in my opinion, the most important for the development of a child. We all know very well that childhood, in a certain way, defines what kind of person we are to become when we grow up,” said Nina Žižić, Montenegrin singer.


The aim of the ‘Every Child Needs a Family’ campaign is to develop fostering within families that are not related to children. Currently, 320 children are placed in foster families, most of whom are related to the children.

“What we wish to accomplish with this campaign is to increase the number of non-kinship foster families taking care of children whose parents or relatives are not able to do so. Therefore, we want to completely avoid placing children in institutions”, said Radmila Marković, Director of the Centre for Social Work in Nikšić, Plužine and Šavnik.

The research conducted worldwide over the past 50 years has shown that placing children in institutions in early childhood exposes them to the risk of psychological and physical delays. The research proves that an institution cannot replace a family.


“We want to ensure Montenegro is one of the first countries in this region to, therefore, completely eradicate placement of young children in large scale institutions. We hope that you can help us in realizing this vision here in Montenegro, so we can say that as a nation, as a country, we uphold core human rights, non negotiable principle that every child has the right to live within a family environment“, UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks emphasized. 

Foster parent Stana Mrvošević, spoke about her experiences of being a foster parent - UNICEF Montenegro / 2013

Stana Mrvošević, a foster parent from Nikšić, invited her fellow citizens to become foster parents and thus enrich theirs and the lives of the children without adequate parental care: “No one can imagine how good it is to have such children. It is really very nice, so I am inviting and appealing to all those who have possibilities to do so to take up fostering.” 

Consistent campaign appeals to the citizens to become foster parents have already achieved an impact. From the beginning of the campaign in September 2013, 50 requests for fostering were submitted to centres for social work across Montenegro, while 23 of them are already being processed.

The campaign “Every Child Needs a Family” is organized within the project “Social Welfare and Child Care System Reform – Enhancing Social Inclusion” implemented by the Government of Montenegro, with the technical assistance from UNICEF and UNDP and the financial support of the European Union.



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