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Launching of the new “It’s About Ability” campaign TV commercial for 2013

PODGORICA, APRIL 25, 2013 - Montenegrin national handball team player, Olympic silver medalist and European champion, Anđela Bulatović, together with UNICEF and Special Olympics representatives, presented the new It’s About Ability campaign TV commercial.

"All children have right to and deserve an opportunity to engage in sports even though many of them will not become professional athletes. However, most children with disabilities are absent from sport. Communities, schools and sport organizations often lack an understanding and an awareness of how to include children with disability in sports. Moreover, a lot of sports centres cannot be accessed by children with disability. In this way, sport’s popularity with young people remains an unexploited opportunity,” said Anđela Bulatović, 2012 Olympic Games handball silver medalist.

Anđela Bulatović presenting the new It’s About Ability campaign TV commercial

Anđela invited citizens to provide an opportunity for young people with disability to become known for their abilities.
"Therefore, my message to all the citizens of Montenegro is: Let’s support children with disability to grow up in a family, go to school and play with peers. It’s about ability,” Anđela Bulatović concluded.

UNICEF Montenegro Representative, Benjamin Perks, thanked to Anđela for reading the key message of the new TV commercial. He stressed out that it is of great importance that Montenegrin champions like Anđela promote building a society that gives equal opportunities to all, and does not discriminate against any child.

Young Montenegrin Special Olympics athletes Lazar Živković and Ivan Stojanović talked about the benefits of doing sports for children with disability based on their own experience. Lazar won two gold medals in alpine skiing, while together they won three gold medals at soccer tournaments around the world.

"Through my sports engagement within Special Olympics, I realised that sports has no boundaries. It became a very important part of my life," said Lazar Živković, Montenegrin Special Olympics athlete.
"Apart from making achievements, sports engagement is important because it helped me to meet many new people from around the world and develop new friendships. It also helped me to visit many cities and meet different cultures, which I would not have an opportunity to see without my sports engagement," said Ivan Stojanović, Montenegrin Special Olympics athlete.

According to the UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks, TV commercial shows the isolation of the children with disability, but it also points out how these children can be lifted out of the isolation through some simple adaptations of the local community.

"For this reason, we need every Montenegrin school to be an inclusive school, we need day care centres in every municipality, we need effective social work to support families with children with disability and strengthening of the early detection and assessment of disability for children in the earliest stages of childhood,” said Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Montenegro Representative.

Benjamin Perks, Anđela Bulatović, Lazar Živković and Ivan Stojanović after the presentation of the new It's About Ability campaign TV commercial   

The new TV commercial calls on providing opportunities to young people with disability to participate in play and sports on an equal basis with others.

"Through this TV commercial we invite all schools, all sports clubs and all communities to make arrangements to support children with disability to access playgrounds and sports facilities, and engage in sports and play with their peers, because disability does not define a child. Potential and ability do," Mr. Benjamin Perks concluded.

It’s About Ability campaign was initiated by UNICEF and the Government of Montenegro in 2010 in order to promote equal rights and opportunities for children with disability in Montenegro. So far, under the influence of this campaign, every fourth citizen has changed positively behavior towards children with disabilities.



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