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Rambo Amadeus and young volunteers promote inclusion in Bijelo Polje

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Dusko Miljanic
UNICEF National Ambassador Rambo Amadeus with children with disabilities and volunteers during the workshop in Bijelo Polje

Within the “It’s about ability” campaign, UNICEF Montenegro National Ambassador Antonije Pušić alias Rambo Amadeus joined a workshop where young volunteers met and played with peers with disability in their community

BIJELO POLJE, OCTOBER 5, 2012  – On Friday, October 5, 2012, UNICEF Montenegro National Ambassador Rambo Amadeus visited the primary school “Dušan Korać” in Bijelo Polje and participated in a workshop of young volunteers and children with disability organized by the local parents’ association within the It’s about ability campaign.

So far, more than 180 young people applied for the volunteers’ clubs aimed at providing opportunities for Bijelo Polje’s young people with and without disability to interact on a regular basis within their local community. Children say they enjoy these activities for various reasons.

‘‘We dance, we sing, we play, we make things,’ said Ines Mehović.

‘‘We include children with disability in our workshops as part of the team work. We develop imagination and creativity; we draw, we sing, we dance,’‘ said volunteer Ivan Bulatović.

‘‘As volunteers we can help children with disability just by being with them and overcoming the prejudice against children with disability, so that we all realize that we actually have the same needs, but we meet in different ways,’’ said volunteer, Nađa Otović.

‘‘I have made new friends, new acquaintances. This is a new experience for me,’’ said volunteer Milica Redžić.

UNICEF Montenegro National Ambassador Rambo Amadeus was excited to join these young people and promote their active participation in society.

© UNICEF/ Montenegro/ 2012/ Dusko Miljanic
Young volunteers and children with disability during the workshop in Bijelo Polje

‘‘I have to express on my behalf, and on the behalf of UNICEF, great admiration for the children that meet here and make these workshops happen. This has a triple beneficial effect. First of all, this is useful for children with disability. Then, it is twice as useful for young people without disability. In this way, they develop new communication skills that they will certainly need in future when they become managers, administrators, scientists, politicians... And finally, this is advantageous for the entire society, because in this way we build a tolerant society where children since the earliest age accept those who are different with love and affect,’’ said UNICEF National Ambassador Rambo Amadeus.

With UNICEF’s support, Bijelo Polje’s Association of parents of children with disability “Oaza” organizes volunteers’ clubs for young people from the local primary and high schools and the Day Care Centre “Tisa”.

‘‘We are extremely satisfied with the high turnout of children who are eager to participate. Every time we meet we organize a new kind of a creative workshop. Sometimes we glue things together, other times we colour drawings or we act and perform and the children are really happy. I think this project is a huge success as it contributes to changing the awareness, developing social inclusion and building an inclusive society. We are definitely on a good way to achieve this goal,’’ concluded President of the NGO ‘Oaza’ from Bijelo Polje, Nejra Mekić.

Within the campaign activities in 2012, around 1,000 young people will have an opportunity to engage with peers with disability through volunteer activities organized in schools, Parents associations and Day care centres for children with disability in Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Bar and Herceg Novi.

Ongoing research on the impact of It’s about Ability campaign demonstrated that the number of people who support inclusion has sharply increased - though much more work is needed to create a truly inclusive society for all children.



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